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    ADV.1’s President and Wheel Designer, Jordan Swerdloff, took a different approach to engineering when launching this company. Not interested in building a high volume brand, he made a conscious effort to step outside the box, and develop a system that will allow ADV.1 to break free from the template paradigm, and design wheels that are more than 2d variations of all the others. Instead, he sees wheels as a 3-dimensional sculpture; every angle needs to be designed freely and without boundaries.

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    What this means is that ADV1 wheels are truly the world's only real "custom" forged wheel available. Each individual order is basically the equivalent of an entirely new wheel design, done from scratch in order to provide the absolute best looking possible combination of profile, sizing, and performance for the exact vehicle it's ordered for. Many ADV.1 wheels aren't even within the engineering capabilities of most other wheel companies.

    The usual machining and engineering process for most wheel manufacturers is very basic and consists of a template-based system where parameters are pre-determined, unchanging, and wheels are machined in bulk volume runs as blanks. The profile never changes, nor does the face view adapt to its application: the pre-machined center discs of 3-piece wheels are assembled with appropriate-sized rim halves. What this does is allow for a "modular" type wheel assembly that only consists of a few individual components, which are only adapted to fit each vehicle. However, it's not ADV.1's method at all.

    • 5.0 M.V1 Custom Painted on Porsche Panamera
    • 5.2 M.V1-SL Custom Painted
    • 005 M.V1 Custom Painted on McLaren MP4-12C
    • 10 M.V1-SL Custom Painted on Audi RS4
    • 05 M.V1-SL Custom Painted on Lamborghini Gallardo
    • 5.2 M.V2-SL Custom Painted on McLaren MP4-12C
    • ADV.1 Wheels
    • 5.2 TS Custom Painted on Chevy Corvette
    • 05 DC Custom Painted on Lamborghini Gallardo
    • 5.0 TS Custom Painted on Lamborghini Aventador
    • ADV.1 Wheels
    • 05 DC Custom Painted on Audi R8

    ADV.1's existing vehicle database is absolutely enormous. However, new vehicles are released so frequently that new application research, measuring, test fitting and experimentation are routine, day to day activities. Fitment specifications are strictly confidential in many cases, as oftentimes the perfect fitment only can be achieved through real world trial and error, sometimes involving even vehicle damage, ruined tires and experimental fitment wheels, which are sometimes unusable. Many of the vehicles in the database went through multiple sets of wheels before getting to the final version.

    ADV.1's experienced manufacturing facility is capable of keeping up with any volume produced by ADV.1, and has the financial backing to handle the development and R and D necessary for ADV.1 to create new wheels with new industry-leading designs. ADV.1 utilizes a proprietary production system, providing up-to-the-minute status on every order as it moves through the system. The order status is updated constantly as orders pass through different stages such as Engineering, Machining, Finishing, etc.

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    2012 Audi A7
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    I've opted for the ADV.1 wheels for their exceptional quality and design. This was a huge purchase for me and I must say that these guys made it as painless as possible.

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