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Just like a human being, your vehicle can't live without air. K&N knows that good. Blending together years of experience, the latest innovations, and passion for performance, K&N is the leader when it comes to air intakes and air filters. K&N products pass through numerous tests, including power, torque, air flow tests to name a few. All the tests are to confirm that the K&N products deliver maximum power boost, not crossing the line of engine safety.

Genius lies in simplicity. Even your vehicle performs better when things are simple. K&N proved that having developed air intake systems that replace a restrictive factory system with a single aerodynamic tube. The systems are available in two materials. The first one is Polyethylene that is used to produce 57 and 63 series intake systems. The second one is aluminum, and it is the material for the 69 and 77 series intake systems.

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Each K&N aftermarket intake comes with an oversized K&N filtering element, which can go up to 100,000 miles between cleanings. All of the intake systems are dyno-tested and guaranteed to increase the vehicle's horsepower. What is also guaranteed is the quality. K & N air intake systems are backed by a Million Mile Limited Warranty, just like all the K&N performance air filters.

Stop wasting your money buying a new air filter every time the old one gets clogged! With K&N products you will never have to replace your air filter again. Unlike paper filters that get clogged really fast, can't be cleaned, and can't be reused, the K&N air filters are perfectly washable and are able to last as long as you own your vehicle. K&N is focused on delivering high-quality products that can satisfy all the requirements important for any air filter.

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The secret of the K&N high-flow filters lies in the unique filtering media, which doesn't restrict the air flow. It consists of four to six layers of cotton gauze, oiled to improve the filtering capabilities, and sandwiched between pleated aluminum media to retain even more dirt. The crisscrossed cotton fibers capture the dirt particles, providing high air flow. With this, the K&N filters are washable, which means lifelong use, no additional expenses, and no waste.

Installing the K&N Air Intake system on your vehicle is one of the most simple, as well as most beneficial modifications you can make. A quality performance Air Intake system can provide many benefits, including: Increased horsepower, Increased torque, Increased fuel economy, more aggressive engine sound at higher rpm, and enhancement of the appearance of your engine bay. Cold Air intake allows a smooth flow of air inside the engine. Thereby you can get more power from the engine for the same quantity of fuel. It will greatly help you in economizing on fuel. More over, the Cold Air Intake will also reduce pollution, as less fuel will be used for generating the same amount of power. This is an important benefit as ecological considerations are a major issue in the present times.

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2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee
| Posted by | (Lynnwood, WA)

The unit arrived in perfect condition- good packaging. Instructions were easy to follow and concise, I didn't even have to go to YouTube to see it done! This thing fits nicely and looks fantastic. I've show it to several friends who were all very impressed. I think I may have sold a couple of units! Performance increase is undeniable- especially off the line and when passing. It gave my jeep a throaty howl when I open up the throttle body, but it's still quiet under grandma driving conditions (like when there's a cop next to you). I haven't had it long enough to tell about mileage. I'm having so much fun listening to it open up, mileage has probably gone down, but once I get over myself and drive without my foot on the floor I'm sure that too will improve! All the other claims made by K&N are absolutely true! I recommend this product highly! There is no other type of product that will make this much difference for just a few hundies. Talk about bang for the buck!

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