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Temperature fluctuations and material degradation cause internal window components and materials to crack, separate, and change shape as they wear. Installing new parts with proper specs restores easy, comfortable operation and keeps windows in place tightly without rattling. We offer parts from suppliers that specialize in making original equipment quality parts at less than original equipment prices.

Replacement Window Components

What's most harmful to window regulator assemblies is rust caused by water getting in past worn or missing window seals and weatherstripping, or by beverages spilled on door panel areas. Plus, if cars are not washed regularly, the buildup of tree sap and other pollutants forms a sticky haze on glass sections. Sticky parts become more difficult to move due to extra friction, and increased drag can ultimately cause parts to fail.

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Window regulators convert the rotary motion of the motor or crank handle into the reciprocating movement of the window. There are scissors-type, cable and pulley-type, and rack and pinion regulators. Regulators raise and lower windows thousands of times during the lifespan of a typical vehicle, eventually wearing out. The wheels that roll in tracks on scissors-type regulators can fail, and the scissors pivot can wear. Pulleys and cables on cable-type regulators can wear and break. The rack can break on rack and pinion regulators, and the teeth on the rack and pinion gears can become worn.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Replacement Window Components the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Replace, Dorman, Goodmark, TYC, Omix-Ada, Rampage, Auto Metal Direct, Sherman the Replacement Window Components we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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The window regulators we offer are designed using the latest software so they exactly replicate the OE units, then they’re manufactured using the most modern tooling, so the end product looks, fits and functions exactly as designed. To keep out the weather, we offer seals for the outer and inner sections of your door with heavy-duty grade rubber molded over a steel base to ensure they stay durable and in position. And if you can't find a pre-molded piece for your specific make and model, we offer rolls of weatherstripping that can be cut to fit in exact sizes.

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If your vehicle doesn’t have roll up windows, we haven’t forgotten you. A popular upgrade on Jeep vehicles converts the standard zippered side window to a glass slider and you can find it right here. This is a vast improvement that means no more trying to peer through scratches and haze and no more flapping plastic. These windows fit all OE steel lower doors, come with rubber seals for a weather-tight fit and reduced road noise, and come in colors to match the OE soft top. We also carry replacement windshield frames and hinges for Jeep windshields.

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A window regulator is the mechanical assembly behind a door panel that is responsible for moving a glass window up or down along a guided track. Basic window regulators which have been around since enclosed automobiles were first introduced 100 years ago are operated by a hand crank, and power window regulators use an electric motor to do the work of moving the...
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1978 Chevy Suburban
| Posted by | (Greenwood, MS)

Looks good, installs easily, and fits perfectly. Fast shipping. Everything required was in the box. It is working fine. Thank you. Will order from CARiD again if needed.

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