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    An American icon, Ford has been producing top-quality vehicles for over a hundred years. Founded by the legendary Henry Ford, the company got its start in the burgeoning Detroit auto industry in 1903. The first mass produced automobile in history was Ford's infamous Model T, a benchmark in which all auto companies would soon take note of. The Model T set the tempo for an affordable yet capable car in which drivers of all economic standings could purchase, setting another standard in the manufacturing and pricing of automobiles throughout the country. Ford took over Lincoln in 1925 to be the brand's luxury division. In the dawn of the thirties following the Great Depression, Ford also created Mercury, a badge that would go on to develop medium-priced vehicles in order to cover a wider demographic of drivers.

    Ford has been responsible for churning out fleet after fleet of influential automobiles. The Thunderbird arrived during the baby boom and made an immediate impact. Fashionably styled with power windows and strong performance, the Thunderbird was a glimpse of what was to come with the era of luxurious muscle cars. The '60s saw Ford create even more buzz with the unveiling of the compact Falcon and of course, the Mustang. The first "pony car" that featured a long hood, lower-slung stance, and a reputation for performance, the Ford Mustang is credited with creating a whole new genre of turbocharged domestic machines that would eventually be copied by rivals Chevy and Chrysler. Ford's F-series, a staple since the 1950's, also became an established success, providing a wide range of trucks the average American worker could relate to. As with every US automaker, the oil crisis in conjunction with new government regulations made the '70s a tough time for the brand. But the next decade would see a welcome rebirth that would sustain the company for years to come.

    From the Bronco to the ever-popular Explorer, Ford's foray into SUVs has been a triumph. The Ford Taurus also pitched in to give the brand a competitive sedan that was versatile and affordable. And of course, the strong presence of the Ford F-150 and F-250 have brought the automaker added footing along with a long reach into every demographic. Ford has also not remained on the sidelines in terms of the growing "green" movement. Thanks to its Flexible Fuel variations along with a fleet of hybrids, Ford has been very much involved as well as innovative with respect to providing fuel-efficient options that deliver on both performance and reliability. The company is also not limited to North America and Canada. Ford vehicles are currently available all over the globe, including Australia, South America, Africa, Europe, and parts of the Middle East. With a history steeped in tradition, Ford is still as influential as ever before and the future looks just as promising.

    One of the first names in American automotive versatility and efficiency, Ford didn't just set the bar for how automobiles were viewed and produced, they created the cast in which the bar was molded out of. From the earliest Model T to the Escape Hybrid, there is no disputing the fact that Ford's place is cemented as one of the industry's giants because the brand covers all the bases, from street performance and practicality, to comfort and style. Ford just keeps giving people what they want. No wonder why their drivers are so loyal. And there's no question about it, your Ford is important to you. It's important to us, also. That's why at CARiD, we have nothing but the highest quality Ford Accessories and Parts you need to make the new and exciting changes that you desire.

    At CARiD, we have nothing but the highest quality Ford accessories and parts you need to make the new and exciting changes that you desire. OEM or custom Ford parts can always give a fuller look when seeking those new additions you're after. Beware of imitators-we are truly the "One Stop" for all Ford accessories. We want to make it easy for you. After all, isn't that what's important? At, we wouldn't have it any other way.

    Whether you plan to improve your vehicle's performance or simply want to add some flare to its style, we store an exhaustive collection of accessories and parts designed specifically for your vehicle. Whatever product you choose, you are guaranteed to get nothing but the premium quality, unrivaled performance, and unique style. Understanding that your vehicle deserves only the top accessories and parts, we carefully handpicked each single item. And be sure all of them are manufactured by the most reputable companies in the industry, so the quality is beyond any doubts. If you still are not sure what product to choose, you are welcome to check 7,353 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and define what accessory or part perfectly fits both your vehicle and your pocket.

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    Alan Mulally Vows to Improve MyFord and Sync
    Alan Mulally Vows to Improve MyFord and Sync

    In January 2011, Consumer Reports said that it won't advise to buy the 2011 Lincoln MKX and the 2011 Ford Edge because of low test scores, caused by the results of MyLincoln Touch and MyFord Touch technology. According to the magazine, the systems were to complicated, that they rather distracted the driver than kept his eyes on the road, and that they didn't always perform as promised. The situation may soon change though.

    In a recent interview with Automotive News, Ford CEO Alan Mulally announced that the company spares no efforts to improve Sync and MyFord infotainment systems, and that they are aimed at eliminating the glitches that damaged Ford's reputation. When told of anecdotal tales of consumers who want to purchase a Ford vehicle but won't if they have to take MyFord Touch, Alan Mulally replied that after the upgraded version of the system is introduced, they might change their mind.

    Ford plans to offer the new MyFord Touch on 80% of the Ford-brand lineup, and make it standard on all future Lincolns. With all the bugs fixed and with the system revised to become more user-friendly, a driver will be able to operate temperature, audio and other controls, keeping the hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

    Ford Recalls More than 20,000 Trucks and SUVs
    Ford Recalls More than 20,000 Trucks and SUVs

    The latest recall of the Ford trucks is caused by the defective switch, which makes the brake lights, tail lights and turn signals to work incorrectly.

    “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said today on its website that the recall affects certain 2004 through 2011 Ranger pickups, 2002 through 2005 Excursion SUVs, and 2002 through 2007 F-250, 350, 450 and 550 trucks,” writes The Detroit News.

    To be recalled only those trucks and SUV's which received the defected switch during the assembly or as a replacement part.

    “About 20,450 trucks in the U.S. are affected, plus Ford is recalling more than 6,000 of the switches that were sent to dealers as replacement parts,” says Forbes. “Ford says it knows of no accidents or injuries caused by the problem.”

    NHTSA investigation showed that the elements of the switch may deform, causing the failure which may result in a crash. The defective switch will be replaced at the dealership free of charge, the recall is expected to begin in the middle of the August.

    Meet 2011 Chief Executive of the Year – Alan Mulally

    Chief Executive, which is a bi-monthly business magazine for top management executives, honored Allan Mulally with the 2011 CEO of the Year Award. Though the finalists were selected and voted for by the readers, the final decision was made by the committee, which consisted of executives of the leading companies. The selection committee of the publication gathered in NYC this March to sift through the 10 finalists nominated by more than 147,000 readers.

    Members of the committee agree that Mulally like no other CEO deserves this year's award. In 2006, he was hired away from Boeing Company to save Ford from the deep financial crisis. Only five years after accepting the keys to Ford, Allan Mulally, who had absolutely no car experience, fulfilled the task perfectly. He helped the company avoid bankruptcy without TARP bailouts and turned it into the most profitable automaker.

    Celebration of the Mulally's selection will be held at an invitation-only event hosted by the Chief Executive Group LLC and NYSE Euronext at the New York Stock Exchange in July.