About Ford C-MAX

    After the great success the Toyota Prius has achieved in the American market, Ford was getting serious about hybrids as well. As a result, both the Ford C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid and the C-Max Hybrid were unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in 2011. Both models are based on the European diesel- and gasoline-powered versions and, same as the Europen C-Max, have only five seats. The core basics of the MPV’s hybrid system are similar to those of the Toyota Prius and the old Ford Escape: the gasoline engine operates in perfect tandem with a two-motor, planetary-gear CVT that provides traction power to the car’s wheels by means of an electric motor and changes transmission modes by using the combustion motor. Instead of a 2.5L four-cylinder Atkinson-cycle engine found in the Ford Escape, the C-Max features a 2.0L engine joined with an eCVT (electronically controlled continuously variable transmission).

    Aside from the fact that both the all-new Hybrid and Energi Plug-in Hybrid run on a combination of gas and electric power, the versions have many other similarities. Each model also features such efficient parts and systems as a high-voltage lithium-ion battery (though the C-Max Energi has a bigger one) that is sure to run at higher speeds and for longer periods; the SmartGauge with EcoGuide that is an advanced instrument panel to provide drivers with the information they need to make smarter driving decisions; the SYNC with MyFord Touch which is a voice-activated technology aimed to help you concentrate on the way ahead while staying connected to the world. What an owner of the C-Max is guaranteed to get is the sporty performance and style of a 100% Ford vehicle along with the additional benefit of leaving a small carbon footprint.

    The main difference between the C-Max Hybrid and Energi Plug-in Hybrid is that the latter is the first plug-in production automobile for Ford. In other words, the C-Max Energi while operating like a conventional hybrid is like a ‘hybrid plus.’ Its plug-in capability allows to charge the battery by using either a typical 120-volt or a 240-volt outlet upgraded with available electric vehicle supply equipment. Also this model can boast of an EPA-estimated rating of 100 combined MPG-e (miles per gallon equivalent), which is the most efficient combined MPG-e in comparison to its competitors. In addition, Ford equipped its C-Max Energi with a button set in the center stack that offers drivers an opportunity to switch the operation of their vehicle between three modes, including the conventional hybrid mode (the powertrain combines gasoline and electric engine power as appropriate); electric-only driving (without using combustion engine power); or a battery-saving mode (the battery power is reserved for later use).

    Whichever model of the Ford C-Max suits your needs and lifestyle, both are guaranteed to provide performance, efficiency, style, and comfort to its owner. Each and every part or accessory found on the vehicle, either interior or exterior, is designed with a strong attention to detail, starting from a sophisticated steering system and 240-Volt charging station to the heated seats and rain-sensing wipers. Put differently, the C-Max is simply filled with innovative parts and accessories as well as with intuitive technologies built for living life to the max.

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