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When the road is slick, it's a lot easier to get into an accident because of the reduced traction. However by keeping just a few inexpensive items in the trunk, you can significantly improve your driving safety. The foremost add-on you should think about are tire chains that are designed to provide maximum traction when you're dealing with snowy and icy roads.

Tire Chains

If you live in a snowy area, you must be familiar with tire chains – and that’s certainly not a pleasant thing. Just hearing these words brings to mind frozen hands and the frustration of installing the parts. Sure, you won't be able to move faster than 30 miles per hour with snow chains on your rims, and the installation may not be that easy, but all that is no big deal in comparison to all the pros of such an upgrade. First and foremost, tire chains can save your life.

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Snow chains are specifically designed to provide you with superior traction even in the harshest conditions, ensuring uncompromised performance in slush, ice, snow, or heavy terrain. A driver who starts a trip in sunshine may unexpectedly come face-to-face with all those severe weather conditions before reaching the final destination. That is why tire chains are a crucial component of a driver safety kit. Nothing will make you more confident and self-assured than a set of highly reliable tire chains in the trunk of your vehicle.

Tire Chains

Tire chains are simply what they sound like – bundles of metal chain links engineered to perfectly fit around your rims. There are two main chain designs for you to choose from: link and cable. Both have the same purpose: they produce greater traction. The only thing is that they do it to varying degrees. These non-skid devices can be composed of the traditional link chains or the corded ones, and they can form a diamond shape or stretch horizontally across the tire tread. The pattern actually depends on the brand you get the product from. Well, whatever type you need, you'll surely find it at

Tire Chains

To operate effectively and safely, snow chains require sufficient clearance around the wheels. That's why it is recommended to start with checking your car's manual for guidance on using tire chains. Buy chains that are suited to your vehicle's weight. If the upgrade isn't tough enough to support your car, it can bring damage. Also, chains must be purchased to match your particular tire size (tread width and tire diameter). You can find the dimensions on the sidewalls of your tires. The first letter(s) indicates the car type, and the next three digits show the tire width in millimeters. Knowing that info will help you make the right order.

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ThuleTire Chains
2012 Volkswagen Jetta
| Posted by | (West Chester, PA)

If these were easier to install, they would be fantastic. I saw the tutorial video of the installation and it was nothing like that in real life. I have a 2012 VW GLI. I needed the help of my roomate as I was not able to install by myself. You Must clip the bottom clip to secure the chains around the bottom of the tire to ensure that you don't lose the chains behind the tire. The other issue was taking the chains off. It is incredibly difficult to find the clip on the inside of the tire after you have been driving for a while. It is no longer on the top of the tire and very awkward to reach around and unhook anywhere else. I had to move the car forward and backward to find the clip several times while trying to uninstall. With the exception of installation, I loved the chains and the ripped through the snow without an issue, I didn't slip or have have an issue on the road once.

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