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Snow Tire Chains

When the roads are covered with ice and hard-packed snow and you absolutely have to get to your destination, there’s no substitute for tire chains. Metal chains will dig into the slipperiest surface and offer traction that even the gnarliest off-road rubber can’t deliver. But when you think tire chains, if you have visions of loose chains flopping against your expensive alloy wheels, and lying on your back in freezing weather to install them, think again.

Tire Chains

We offer chains that are so easy to install that access to the back of the wheel and tire isn’t even necessary, as well as chains that only require 3 steps to install. And many chains include self-tensioning systems so there’s no need to have to stop and re-tension when you’re underway. We also have chains that don’t come in contact with the wheel or have nylon bumpers so you don’t have to worry about wheel damage.

Featured Products

Along with the aforementioned easy installation features, all chains come with easy to follow installation instructions, some chains feature color coded assembly points, and some even come with gloves and a handy mat you can kneel on during chain installation and removal, so you can stay as neat as possible. And when the weather clears and your chains are no longer needed, you can store them for next time in the included storage case. All of our tire chains are compatible with anti-lock braking and traction control systems, and we have chains with small diameter links for applications with tight tire/fender clearance.

Tire Chains

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Snow Tire Chains the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Spec-D, Thule the Snow Tire Chains we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

Shop by Brand

Regardless of what you drive, from the smallest compact to the largest trucks and SUVs, we have the tire chains that will fit your wheels and tires. We even have chains that mount only on the tread, for vehicles with clearance problems. These chains are manufactured from through-hardened Manganese and Nickel Alloy steel, so you’ll get many seasons of use from your purchase, and they have a unique dual sided D-shaped links for greater traction and long life. Every link is tested for strength and uniform size, and if defective, it’s removed.

Tire Chains

When you have limited clearance between the wheel and parts like the strut behind it, you need the Thule K-Summit. The K-Summit is a completely external snow chain and will not interfere with mechanical components, electronic devices, or the vehicle body. It’s the fastest and simplest chain to install, self-tensioning and self-centering. The K-Summit will not damage alloy wheels, and features an innovative ratchet system for effortless chain fitting, and an external release lever to minimize removal time. Steel tensioning springs keep the chain tight on the tire, and alloy steel plates with stiffening ribs provide grip.

Guides & Articles
Videos on the internet from all across the world can be found that show cars and trucks sliding out of control on icy roads. While these clips are sometimes entertaining to watch, there's nothing funny about driving in these terrible weather conditions. If you live in a heavily populated area, sliding into a series of parked cars can cost a lot of money. And you...
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Snow Tire Chains Reviews
Average rating: 4 4.1 - 2 reviews
All Five Stars
1998 Dodge Dakota | Posted by Julio | (Lexington, NC)

Thule 01221104 - CB-12 Tire Chains (235/70R15) good product - quality 5 stars. Good quality product, I recommend for those, who want good quality. I'm happy with the purchase. you have to buy it.

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