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Producing practically every type of vehicle and today maintaining a massive market presence around the globe, Ford Motor Company was one of the early pioneers in the mass production of affordable and reliable automobiles. Ever ready to seek new opportunities and broadening its marketing focus, Ford introduced new models in practically every segment, achieving a great deal of success with both mainstream and luxury-oriented offerings. The creators of the Thunderbird, the iconic Mustang, the awesome Ford GT and the newer Escort RS Cosworth and Focus RS, Ford had plenty of experience in world-class racing activities. For your classic or new Ford, the racetrack is a second home, and with our store you’ll make sure your car feels the right way about it.

With our stock of durable polycarbonate Flex-A-Lite® replacement glass your Ford will become lighter, easier to handle and ready to place new speed records. The Flexite Molded Ford auto glass replaces the stock windshield and window panels of your car, looking the same but being much lighter, while the Flexite Flat window kits, precise-cut from flat polymer sheets, provide even better weight-reduction benefits. Designed for use on the racetrack only, the Flex-A-Lite® glass thickness is in compliance with the NHRA safety recommendations.

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Car owners replace the glass in their vehicle for one of two reasons: the first reason is that the existing glass has broken. On modern cars with "safety glass", the glass is either a laminated sandwich of two pieces of glass with a sheet of plastic in the center, or the glass is tempered. All windshields on modern cars use laminated glass so that the glass remains...