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    When it comes to luxury automobiles, perhaps no other name in the world commands as much attention as Bentley. For almost ninety years, Bentley has provided upscale-minded motorists with a combination of elite artistry and sports-car performance. Bentley Motors was founded in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley (or "W.O.") and in two years welcomed the arrival of the company's first model, the 3 Litre, which would later go on to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. On the heels of the stock market crash of 1929, Bentley Motors was sold to Rolls-Royce in 1931 where it would eventually introduce the 3 ½ Litre two years in 1933. Following World War II, Bentley Motors was relocated to Crewe, Cheshire, where most Bentley models would take on increasing characteristics of Rolls-Royce vehicles and their parts over the next few decades.

    The '60s and '70s were trying times for Bentley but the luxury brand began to rebound shortly after English engineering giant Vickers got involved with the company in 1980. The first order of business was the Bentley Mulsanne, a full-size four-door luxury sedan that featured a 6.75L V8 engine, putting an emphasis back on performance. The accent on performance was increased even more with the introduction of the Mulsanne Turbo in 1982, which featured 50% more power than its predecessor. In 1984, an entry-level car, the Bentley Eight, premiered based on the Mulsanne. The Eight offered fewer refinements along with a lower price tag, but over the next few years would gradually add on features such as leather seats and anti-lock brakes. The Turbo R, which arrived in 1985 with the same engine as the Mulsanne Turbo, helped stabilize the lineup throughout the rest of the '80s.

    As the decade of the 90s settled in, Bentley made a statement with the Continental R, a large luxury coupe. Featuring the 6.75L Rolls-Royce V8, the Continental also showed off a distinctive Bentley-designed body, becoming the first Bentley model to do so since the S3 (1965). The Bentley Brooklands was introduced a year later as a replacement for the Mulsanne. The Brooklands premiered with a 6.75L (non-turbocharged) V8 as well as a lot of styling cues reminiscent of the Turbo R. By the late '90s, BMW was supplying Rolls-Royce and Bentley with engines while Volkswagen was making a move to acquire the brands outright. This led to the eventual purchase, which also saw BMW take over the Rolls-Royce marque in 2003 after an agreement between the two German automakers. The Bentley name took on even more recognition come the new millennium thanks to elegant yet powerful models like the Arnage, Continental GTC, Azure, and the popular Flying Spur. Still revered for their posh, exclusive designs and heavyweight performance, Bentley automobiles and parts represent high-end luxury for drivers with the checkbooks to match their tastes.

    A name synonymous with elegance, Bentley is perhaps the most revered luxury automobile in the world. Each series is defined with grace, intuitiveness, and even the ability to perform in a sporting fashion. Simply put, it's a type of car that seems to be on a different playing field than the rest. Knowing this all along is what raises the stakes for other manufacturers to compete with, and thus far, all have fallen short. The near standardized sleek exterior is equaled only by the sophisticated interior, which is what makes any accessories added to the factory package even more eye-catching. The right Bentley Accessories and Parts have the magic touch, but you have to find them first. If you have been exploring the right options for your model, we at CARiD offer congratulations - the search is over.

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    The Twelve-Cylinder Engine for the Upcoming SUV
    The Twelve-Cylinder Engine for the Upcoming SUV

    It's rather obvious that the sport-utility vehicles require big engines, but for some reason no twelve-cylinder engines are offered for the U.S. market. While the only offerings come from such mainstream automaker, as Volkswagen, Audi keeps on offering the Q7 with its V12, which is a diesel though. As for other automakers, there was Lamborghini who featured the V12, but that hasn't been around since the early 90s.

    Bentley's upcoming SUV is expected to share its underpinnings with the Porsche Cayenne with no V12 there, unlike in crossover from Crewe. As stated by sources which quoted Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer, the vehicle will receive a new version of the W-12 engine in the Continental range. Another engine which could be found under the Bentley's hood is the Q7's V12 TDI, and it would be the first time for the Flying B marque.

    Bentley's upcoming SUV will be launched in 2015. Being set to roll out with a 12-cylinder petrol engine, the model is expected to satisfy the automaker's luxury ambitions. As reported by autocacr, the company is to fight for primacy in the luxury world, featuring powerplant as a potential W12 unit's future generation, found in the Continental range.

    In order to realize the plan regarding the SUV, Bentley replaced its chief engineer, Elrich Eichhorm with Rolf Frech who comes from Porsche. Being a part of Cayenne development department, the new chief brings a complex experience on the field.

    Bentley Considers Adding SUV, 5-Door Coupe to Its Range
    Bentley Considers Adding SUV, 5-Door Coupe to Its Range

    Bentley has been mulling the expansion of its range for some time now, but the company is moving away from an idea of building an entry-level vehicle, according to recent reports in the automotive press.

    Instead, Bentley is more likely to to stick to upmarket segment as the balance of performance and luxury have historically been the company’s strong points. Thus, a 5-door coupe and an SUV are the most likely contenders for joining expensive sedans produced with the Bentley badge.

    The 5-door coupe is expected to borrow some cues from the Porsche Panamera and is going to be developed as a blend of Flying Spur and Continental GT. Among the engine possibilities are a twin-turbo W12 generating around 600-hp, a V8 and a diesel.

    As for the highly anticipated Bentley SUV, it’s believed to be called Cross Continental and expected to be based on the Cayenne. The concept is now firmly on the project map of Bentley's new chief Wolfgang Durheimer, formerly of Porsche. Critically, Durheimer was in charge of the vital product planning decisions at Porsche, when the Cayenne was added to Porsche’s then two-model family of 911 and Boxter. The Cayenne investment proved its value and with a new SUV Bentley hopes to repeat its success. SUV segment is less vulnerable to fashion-related sales swings than sportscars and coupes. As a result, Bentley expects to attract new customers and become more immune to downturns in the market.

    The first of the two models to reach the market is the coupe, which is rumored to be launched soon after the debut of the new Panamera, due in 2013.