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    The Bentley Continental is a successor of the Rolls-Royce "Project 90" concept car, shown first at the Geneva Motor Show in 1984. The brand new Continental was announced in 1991 as a large prestige coupe powered by 6.75L Garret-turbocharged engine adopted from the Bentley Turbo R. It accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 6.6 seconds and reached mph maximum speed of 145 mph. It was equipped with a new four-speed automatic transmission and ventilated disc brakes. Its aerodynamic exterior shape and interior accessories were designed by John Heffernan and Ken Greenley.

    Several variants of the Bentley Continental are well-known and honored all over the world. The Continental R name origins from the post-war period Bentley Continental model and “R” designates the R-Type and Turbo R Bentley roots. The Continental S was a limited-edition of 37 units produced in 1994 and 1995. It boasted a bunch of performance-oriented parts, such as powerful intercooler which later was fitted in all of the Continental R versions. Another variation, the Continental R Mulliner, arrived in March of 1999 and displayed a 420-hp engine and a maximum torque of 650 with a top speed of 170 mph. The Bentley Continental T, a 2+2 shortened coupe version, improved the famous Bentley lineup with the high-performance sporty Continental R parts and features. The Continental SC Sedanca, the T version modification produced in 37 units, featuring the lift-out glass sun roof among its refinements.

    The Continental interior was always full of the latest amenities that were available at the moment of production, finished with chrome and wood. Production of the Bentley Continental and all of its exclusive modifications lasted until 2003, when the Bentley Continental GT was released replacing all the previous models.

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    Bentley Continental News
    World Ice Speed Record Broken
    World Ice Speed Record Broken

    4 time World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen broke world ice speed record. He managed to run his cabriolet Bentley Continental Supersports to 205 mph (the average speed on a 1 mile line was 199.8mph). The route lied cross the frozen part of the Baltic Sea near Finland. Kankkunen accelerated his vehicle to the record speed moving by the ice, 28 inch thick. To make the ride safer for the racer, vehicle's cabin was equipped with roll cage, and Nokian tires with spikes. At the back end there was installed a braking parachute to make the decelerating from the top speed safer. The powertrain of the vehicle was not modified, though it was not needed for the 6-litre, twin turbocharged W12 engine producing 631hp. Continental Supersports is the most powerful Bentley ever made.

    “The Bentley performed impeccably,” said Kankkunen. “I was amazed how stable and secure it felt at these high speeds, despite the track's rough and icy surface being scattered with powdery snow. I even managed to stop the car from its top speed within 650 yards.”

    This time Juha Kankkunen managed to break his own record which he set in 2007. 4 years ago he managed to run the car to the average speed of 184.86mph running Bugatti EB110 Supersport. After the record was set the representative of The Guinness Book of Records documented the result and presented a certificate to the famous racer.

    All-New 2011 Bentley Continental GT Released
    All-New 2011 Bentley Continental GT Released

    Having made its debut in 2003, the Bentley Continental GT became an immediate success with the sales peaking at more than 10,000 units in 2007. Staying true to its best-selling model, the British luxury automaker has recently unveiled the all-new Continental GT, which features several significant updates in both exterior and interior design.

    While the platform and drivetrain of the 2011 Bentley Continental GT remained essentially untouched, the body panels of the four-passenger coupe sport some important changes, including the new sheetmetal, and redesigned front and rear fascias that make the vehicle's profile look more athletic and sleek. New bi-xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights complement the exterior styling.

    The updated coupe comes with a more potent 6-liter twin-turbocharged W-12 engine, the unique 'W' configuration of which makes it one of the most compact powerplants in the world. The engine can deliver a respectable 567 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Coupled with a new 6-speed quick-shift transmission, the engine accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 197 mph. The advanced FlexFuel technology lets the power unit run on either E85 bio-ethanol or premium gasoline, as well as on any combination of the two.

    The highlights of the interior design include a new dashboard upholstered in premium soft-touch leather, tasteful inclusions of wood and metal, and new analogue dials, which flood with 'blood orange' illumination at night. The stylish 'cobra' design seats are enhanced with ventilation and a state-of-the-art massage system to ensure superior comfort.

    The starting price for the 2011 Bentley Continental GT is $189,900. Despite the high price tag, the 2011 model features an array of improvements compared to its predecessor, which increases the vehicle's chances of gaining the best-selling positions on the luxury end of market, and remain Bentley's flagship model for at least one more year.