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The Bentley Arnage is a large luxury car manufactured by Bentley Motors from 1998 to 2009. It debuted in 1998 and immediately gained enormous popularity. It was a roomy four-door vehicle with a powerful 4.4L BMW V8 engine with twin turbochargers. Produced by the world's most accomplished luxury automaker, the Bentley Arnage inherited Bentley Motor's spirit of luxury and superior craftsmanship. In 1999, Bentley launched a revised version named the Arnage Red Label and later, the Arnage Green Label featuring several minor modifications also went on sale. Both Red and Green Label got stronger body shells as well as larger wheels and brakes to manage the thrust and extra weight of the all-new 6.75L V8 engine.

2001 saw the launch of the new Arnage modification. The Arnage RL received a longer wheelbase and extra length that was added to the car at its rear doors and C-pillar. As the result, the Arnage became a true limousine. The new Arnage RL not only offered unmatched comfort and had a magnificent, spacious cabin, but also was aesthetically pleasing from every angle, inside and out. The 2002 model year was available in two new versions. The Arnage T and the Arnage R feature two Garrett T3 turbochargers, as well as the RL, but they were created for more powerful performance and got a shorter wheelbase. The T version was developed to be more sporty. Later, Bentley created the Bentley State Limousine with a modified Arnage R 6.75L V8 engine as an official state car for Queen Elizabeth II. Only two vehicles were built.

For the 2007 model year, the Arnage was redesigned again. The 6.7L V8 engine was renewed to be more powerful and received the latest six-speed ZF automatic transmission. It uses state-of-the-art computer management for optimal performance and refinement at all speeds. In 2008, Bentley decided to cease Arnage production, and released an exclusive run of 150 "Final Series" cars. The Final Series was a culmination of 90 years of Bentley heritage and marked the 50th anniversary of the company's iconic V8 engine. The Arnage Final Series included the Arnage T powertrain and got a unique interior designed by Mulliner. The model also came with a premium audio system by Naim Audio.

Arnage vehicles are not only large and majestic, but also subtle and discreet. The beauty and charm of these fabulous vehicles are praised by millions of car aficionados. An epitome of style, prestige, and respect, the Bentley Arnage perfectly combines classic British design and extremely reliable performance. Each Bentley Arnage offers a remarkably spacious, luxury cabin to provide the ultimate in first-class driving.

Undoubtedly, your Arnage deserves only premium parts and accessories. But it can be difficult to find products that fit your vehicle and meet your highest demands. Here at CARiD, we have gathered a wide assortment of accessories and parts for your Bentley Arnage. We work closely with the most reputable brands in the automotive industry, ensuring great quality and long-lasting durability of parts and accessories we offer. So shop for parts and accessories at CARiD and you won't regret a single minute.

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Whatever you expect from your Bentley Arnage, a bold look, mind-boggling performance, greater ride comfort, or safer driving, CARiD goes the extra mile to meet all your needs. Our extensive range of premium accessories and parts covers all the bases, whether you want your vehicle to be more powerful, smarter, fun to drive, or just need to restore it to original condition. We know how to throw a classy appeal into your Bentley Arnage and keep it providing the best performance, so trust us and get the greatest bang for the buck!

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