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Protecting your engine compartment from the elements is not the only goal of the hood. It is also a major area of focus for the eye. And it doesn't matter whether you roll in a classy muscle car, heavy-duty truck or an elegant European tuner, you can tap into a custom hood. Replacing the OEM part with an aftermarket component is a modification that requires little mechanical skills and takes less than no time.

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Imagine that you're doing 60 and then a little rock hits the hood; or another scenario, you're detailing your car in the yard when suddenly a shingle blows off the roof and lands right on the hood. It can happen to all of us. In case you hood is chipped, dinged or hail damaged, it must be replaced as soon as possible, especially, if the damage is not only cosmetic but also structural, i.e. if it affects body integrity.

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Much more attractive and functional versus the stock components, custom hoods are available in myriad options and styles. First off, you should choose the material: stainless steel, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. A stainless steel hood is an obvious choice if you don't have pots of money hidden in your closet. Carbon fiber is the strongest and lightest option, but if you're looking for a more flexible product, fiberglass hoods are your choice.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Custom Hoods the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as RKSport, SEIBON, Xenon, Duraflex, Carbon Creations the Custom Hoods we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Even though a fiberglass product will make your vehicle lighter, eventually, it all boils down to the design. Hood scoops, cowls and power bulges – all these things not only add to looks but also boost the performance. A hood scoop allows for direct flow of air to the engine, while a cowl hood is designed so that the air reflected of the windshield was sucked into the engine, helping thus reduce the under-hood temperatures.

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It doesn't matter what accessory you choose, you are guaranteed to experience quality in its pure form. To ensure precise fit, each single product is meticulously crafted to the exact specifications of specific models. It can be painted to color match your vehicle, or vice versa, to create a sharp contrast that won't be left unnoticed. And be sure, not a single product is sent to you until it's checked for imperfections.

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2006 Porsche Cayman
| Posted by | (Columbus, OH)

The VIS Racing OEM style carbon fiber hood looks absolutely amazing on my Cayman. There are no defects and it matches the body lines perfect. Pictures do not do it justice. All the mounting holes are to OEM specifications including the latch and rubber bump stop holes. It was not as easy to install as the factory hood. It's a tight fit and it might fight you a little. But don't get discouraged, its worth it. Another great thing about this hood is that the underside is finished properly. You can proudly have the hood open at a car show. I had to buy longer bolts to attach the hood to the hinges. You will need to buy four M6 bolts that are three quarter inch long with washers. I found them at my local Ace Hardware. The hood needed a light polish and some sealant to bring the full potential of its beauty out.

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