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Are you considering getting a new custom hood for your Porsche? Well, if you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a custom hood, check out the huge selection that CARiD offers you. CARiD has a huge section of custom hoods that will perfectly fit the year of your Porsche, without having to filing anything down, or try to make it fit. We offer top quality custom parts made from highly known, respected, and reputable manufacturers like Xenon, RKSport, SEIBON, and Duraflex. Three materials that are often used for these hoods are fiberglass, carbon fiber, and stainless steel. Each material type has different pros and cons that will help you decide which one is best for your Porsche. Aside from various materials, the custom hoods that are offered here at CARiD come in different styles, designs, and colors that you won’t find in any other auto shop in the area. So no matter what it is you desire, we’ve got you covered.

Your engine, belts, and other wires are stored under the hood of your Porsche. If you don’t have the right protection debris, weather, accidents, and other elements can ruin those components under the hood. Thankfully, snow, rain, sun rays, hail, and debris are no match for the premium quality materials that our Porsche custom hoods are made with. Consider the fact that store custom hoods for your Porsche that are made by engineers with years of practice and experience making these parts. Our engineers are the best of the best. Our products are built to last, through anything that can be thrown at your hood. As the days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, those months will quickly turn into years and your hood will still be working just as well as the day you bought it. The high quality hoods at CARiD are not only made of top quality materials by highly skilled engineers, but we offer parts at an affordable price that you can afford.

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Porsche Custom Hoods Reviews
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2006 Porsche Cayman
| Posted by | (Columbus, OH)

The VIS Racing OEM style carbon fiber hood looks absolutely amazing on my Cayman. There are no defects and it matches the body lines perfect. Pictures do not do it justice. All the mounting holes are to OEM specifications including the latch and rubber bump stop holes. It was not as easy to install as the factory hood. It's a tight fit and it might fight you a little. But don't get discouraged, its worth it. Another great thing about this hood is that the underside is finished properly. You can proudly have the hood open at a car show. I had to buy longer bolts to attach the hood to the hinges. You will need to buy four M6 bolts that are three quarter inch long with washers. I found them at my local Ace Hardware. The hood needed a light polish and some sealant to bring the full potential of its beauty out.

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