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It’s been said that a car is the 2nd biggest investment most people make after their home. Don’t trust the security of something that valuable to locks and mechanical devices that can be easily defeated by professional thieves. We have the sophisticated remote control security systems that will protect your property and provide conveniences like keyless entry and remote start. We also offer GPS tracking systems that can help recover your car if it’s stolen.

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Features will vary according to alarm system, but most include remote transmitters that double as key fobs, a control module, and siren. When the system is armed, if a thief tries to open the door or punch out a lock, the alarm will be triggered. Along with the siren, on most vehicles the horn will sound and the lights will flash as well. All of this will draw attention to your vehicle and is usually more than enough to scare off a potential thief.

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In addition to alarm triggering via doors and impact, some systems include or have inputs for more sensors. Glass break sensors have microphones and sound discrimination circuitry that allows them to detect a window being broken and trigger the alarm. Proximity sensors have two zones that can be configured, one outside and one inside the vehicle. When the outside zone is penetrated, a warning chirp will sound. If the interior zone is violated, the alarm will go off. Tilt sensors contain mercury switches that will trigger the alarm if the angle of the car changes, such as would happen if it was raised by a tow truck.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Car Alarms & Remote Start the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as LandAirSea Systems, Omega R&D, ScyTek Electronics, AutoLoc, Soundstream the Car Alarms & Remote Start we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Along with the above, many security systems will disable the starter when the system is armed to prevent thieves from “hot wiring” the car and driving it away. If you’re within a predetermined range of your vehicle and feel threatened, most alarms have a “panic” feature that activates the alarm if a button on the transmitter is pressed. The transmitter enables you to arm and disarm the system, but some systems have LCD transmitters that enable 2-way control. With 2-way control you can view the system status so you can verify that the system is armed, if a door has been opened, or if the battery in the transmitter is low.

Car Security Systems

We offer standalone keyless entry and remote start systems, but many of the alarm systems on our digital shelves also incorporate these handy features. Anyone who has had an armful of groceries on a rainy day and gotten soaked fumbling for car keys knows how convenient keyless entry can be. Most systems can be set up to only open the driver’s door initially for added security. Remote start ensures your car will be warmed up and ready to go on even the coldest winter day. And most systems can be configured to run the heater or A/C so you’ll be toasty on frigid mornings and cool on sweltering summer days.

It used to be that if a car was stolen, the prospects of ever seeing it again were slim. But that’s no longer the case thanks to GPS tracking systems. With a transmitter hidden on your car, you’ll be able to locate your vehicle on a map displayed on a video screen. Some systems even have a starter disable feature. These systems are also great if you have young drivers or employees that drive. You can see route history and also set up notifications if the vehicle exceeds preselected speed limits or drives out of preselected zones. Some also have a door unlock feature in case the car is locked with the key left inside.

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Thanks to advancements in electronic technology over the last several decades, aftermarket car alarm systems have become much more sophisticated - without becoming significantly more expensive. While it's true many modern cars already feature an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) immobilizer system which shuts down the engine control computer and starter unless...
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