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Every day trunk lids are bashed by inattentive drivers. That sudden jolt you feel while sitting at the traffic light can turn out to be a nice dent courtesy of the cell phone distracted driver behind you. Sometimes the damage can even be self-inflicted when distances are misjudged when backing up. And the elements, with a little road salt thrown in, traditional enemies of all steel panels, do their best to afflict rust and corrosion.

Replacement Trunks and Tailgates

Perhaps no body panel on any vehicle is abused as much as a pickup truck tailgate, especially on a working truck. The typical tailgate is slammed, stood on, used as a workbench, and dinged from errant tools and building supplies. Many tailgates also have drainage issues and rust out at the bottom. After many years of hard use, some tailgates are so banged up, dented and warped that they don’t even close and latch properly.

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Repairing these panels or going with used or cheap replacements isn’t the answer. The flat expanses of the average deck lid or tailgate will make any poor body work show through the paint, so repairing such damage is not the best choice. “Good” used panels will often prove to have rust or damage that was poorly repaired, once the old paint is stripped away. And a cheap replacement can have a wavy surface with bends and creases that aren’t clean and sharp. It may not fit properly in the opening, which can require extensive body work or return of the panel.

Replacement Trunks and Tailgates

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Replacement Trunks, Tailgates & Components the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Replace, Goodmark, Replace, Sherman, RhinoPac, Dorman, Auto Metal Direct the Replacement Trunks, Tailgates & Components we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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No matter whether you’re restoring a classic car or truck, or just repairing a daily driver, we have the quality replacement trunk lids and tailgates that will fit, function and look like new. The restoration parts we offer are made to the original dimensions and produced using modern tooling and the latest manufacturing techniques, to pass scrutiny by judges and enthusiasts alike. Panels for late model vehicles come from suppliers that specialize in offering original equipment quality body parts at less than original equipment prices. You get the same quality parts that you’d get at the dealer without the dealer price.

Trunks and Tailgates

Besides trunk lids and tailgates, we have all the related parts necessary to complete the repair. Components like hinges, latches, release cables, lift supports and more will make these panels function flawlessly. Some vehicles, our beloved classics and muscle cars in particular, are notorious for trunk floors that rust through. We offer every sheet metal panel you need to restore the trunk area on these cars. Not just the big panels like the trunk floor, but the trunk floor braces, trunk floor side panels and drop offs, deck filler panels and tail panels.

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1999 GMC Sierra
| Posted by | (Paris, IL)

Was very pleased with the product. It installed like an OEM product. It snapped in quickly and looks great.

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