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Whether you are replacing a trunk lid on a classic, repairing accident damage to a newer vehicle, or want to make a statement with stylish, lightweight carbon fiber, we have all the trunk lids and tailgates you need. We also offer 1-piece fiberglass trunk lids with spoilers integrated into their trailing edge. Everything we offer is manufactured from premium materials and is stamped to fit precisely.

Replacement Trunks and Tailgates

When it comes to trunk lids and tailgates, we offer a variety of related parts such as trunk floor and side panels, trunk lid hinges, latches, bumper stops, release cables, prop rods and more. And if you're looking to decorate or dress up your trunk lid or tailgate, we offer a multitude of decorative chrome surround pieces, spoilers, even stainless steel panels for the inside of the trunk lid polished to a mirror finish.

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It's easy to find suppliers selling replacement trunk panels who claim their products fit correctly. But upon installation, overpowering dismay occurs as you realize whatever stamping dies were used to create them were the wrong shape, size, or had creases that don't even come close to the original. Poorly made trunk lid panels often have a wavy surface, and bends that aren't clean and sharp. Oversized panels require professional cutting and welding to correct, and if a panel is too short or small overall, the only thing you can do is return it.

Replacement Trunks and Tailgates

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Trunks & Tailgates the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Replace, Goodmark, Replace, RhinoPac the Trunks & Tailgates we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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The other alternative is to look for used original body panels from a donor vehicle in a salvage yard. The common assumption that they are original and will fit also comes with risks because sometimes while a trunk panel may look good on the surface, stripping the paint later reveals rust or repairs covered with bondo. Restorers and body work professionals say it's not uncommon to find that a trunk lid or panel taken from an older donor car is not actually an original factory part, but a poor-fitting replacement that was installed at an earlier point during the vehicle's lifetime.

Trunks and Tailgates

Replacing an original steel trunk lid or tailgate assembly with one that's made of carbon fiber offers a huge weight saving of up to 70 percent. Since it's one of the strongest materials, light weight does not come at the price of rigidity or strength. Carbon fiber is used by pros in auto racing, drifting, and drag racing because taking weight off a high-mounted area significantly improves handling by lowering a vehicle's center of gravity. CARiD offers a selection of trunk lids and tailgate assemblies made of authentic carbon fiber.

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'98 Nissan Frontier Replacement Tailgate
1998 Nissan Frontier
| Posted by | (Cleveland, OH)

Shipped very rapidly! For this particular part, you will have to also get four (4) new bolts for your hinges. The factory ones have a different thread size than the replacement. Also be careful with the two bolts holding the safety strap!! You can only get these from a dealer, or by buying a new strap (one for each side) to get the bolts. Other than these points, a very easy installation with sockets, a rachet handle and a phillips screwdriver. I had to use a hammer and some WD40 to loosen the hinge bolts which obviously had been there since the factory put them there. On this size truck a single person may carefully lift the tailgate away from the truck body; this lady did! (smile); disassemble and transfer the tailgate handle/assembly and re-assemble it in the new shell (which is lighter). Since it is already primed, all you have to do is prep, paint and re-apply your decals/emblem. Done!!

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