Pontiac Trunks & Tailgates

Pontiac vehicles are all off in a class of their own. Known as a companion car to the Chevy make, these cars, trucks, minivans, and SUV's were a big hit with buyers up until their discontinuation in 09'. As you probably know, the brand wasn't scrapped because of quality or buyer interest, but rather it was absorbed into the GM brand so they could focus their engineering and sales efforts on fewer lines. The fact that Pontiacs are no longer made makes it even harder to find new parts, such as trunks and tailgates which are frequently damaged in accidental collisions and rusted due to age and weather.

The aftermarket brand of choice for replacement trunks and tailgates for your Pontiac is Goodmark. They're the preferred choice for OE body panels, and are approved by many of the car makers who's parts they create. Goodmark trunk and tailgate panels are created using strong and durable OE approved sheet metal (18-21ga), using CAD software, and CAM manufacturing equipment. They even make trunk panels and other associated parts for your older classic GTO, Firebird, or Trans AM, and the trunks are guaranteed to fit as long as your vehicle doesn't have unfixed structural damage.