Only few vehicles today can be considered a rolling legend, but the Jeep certainly qualifies. With a heritage forged during WWII, the original Willys MB Jeep 4x4 became the original go anywhere vehicle. That tradition of ruggedness and capability has continued through to the present with today’s Wrangler, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. Such special vehicles deserve only the best, and there’s only two names you need to know, CARiD and Omix-Ada, Inc.

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    • Omix-Ada® A/C Compressor
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      # sp1370
      Air Conditioner Compressor by Omix-Ada®. The A/C compressor is driven by a belt from the engine. When the clutch is engaged, it pumps refrigerant through the A/C system. It takes in low pressure refrigerant gas at the compressor...
      $54.08 - $874.82
    • Omix-Ada® A/C Condenser
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      # sp1337
      Air Conditioner Condenser by Omix-Ada®. Jeeps are the toughest vehicles on the road and trail, but they're also civilized vehicles that offer creature comforts like a heater and A/C. To make sure you stay warm in the winter and...
      $54.08 - $874.82
    • Omix-Ada® Radiator
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      # sp1359
      Radiator by Omix-Ada®. The radiator is where all the heat absorbed by your engine coolant is transferred to the air. Anything that inhibits this transfer, like leaks, clogged radiator coolant passages, or obstructed or damaged...
      $4.85 - $476.44
    • Omix-Ada® Heater Core
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      # sp1339
      Heater Core by Omix-Ada®. The heater core is located in a case under the dash, and is connected into the engine cooling system. It is usually made of copper or aluminum and consists of tubes to carry the coolant and fins to...
      $4.46 - $122.14
    • Omix-Ada® Manual Transmission Gear
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      # sp1451
      Transmission Gear by Omix-Ada®. Transmission gears take the engine's power and multiply it, apply it directly, or reduce it to turn the output shaft and the rear wheels, thereby keeping the engine in its torque curve while...
      $1.86 - $296.28
    • Omix-Ada® Transmission Shift Fork
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      # sp1446
      Transmission Shift Fork by Omix-Ada®. The shift forks are attached to the shift rails, and slide the synchronizer sleeves, engaging the gears, in response to the movement of the shift lever. Worn shift forks can cause hard shifting...
      $0.87 - $74.80
    • Omix-Ada® Transmission Input Shaft
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      # sp1453
      Transmission Shift Shaft by Omix-Ada®. The input shaft is splined to the clutch disc at one end and has a gear that transfers engine power to the cluster gear at the other end. Worn or twisted splines can cause the clutch disc to...
      $0.88 - $67.26
    • Omix-Ada® Transmission Overhaul Kit
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      # sp1449
      Transmission Overhaul Kit by Omix-Ada®. Transmissions can leak and develop shifting problems when friction surfaces become worn in clutch packs or bands. This kit contains the gaskets, seals, O-rings, bushings, and friction discs...
      $0.88 - $67.26
    • Omix-Ada® Brake Master Cylinder
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      # sp1355
      Brake Master Cylinder by Omix-Ada®. Master cylinders can leak fluid or fail internally. If inspection confirms this, don't spend a lot of dough at the dealer or waste time trying to track one down at the chain store, when you can...
      $1.31 - $327.48
    • Omix-Ada® Disc Brake Service Kit
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      # sp1349
      Disc Brake Service Kit by Omix-Ada®. When your front brakes are worn, don't just throw new pads on a suspect set of rotors. Do the job the right way and replace all wearable parts. Omix-Ada makes it easy and affordable with this...
      $15.60 - $389.87
    • Omix-Ada® Drum Brake Service Kit
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      # sp1374
      Drum Brake Service Kit by Omix-Ada®. When your rear brakes are worn, don't just throw new shoes on using worn out brake hardware and a suspect pair of drums. Do the job the right way and replace all wearable parts. Omix-Ada makes...
      $15.60 - $389.87
    • Omix-Ada® Valve Cover
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      # sp1393
      Valve Cover by Omix-Ada®. As its name implies, the valve cover encases the valves and other valve train components. Valve covers are generally durable parts, but they can corrode and rust through, crack, and warp, all of which can...
      $1.30 - $682.50
    • Omix-Ada® Engine Gasket
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      # sp1369
      Engine Gasket by Omix-Ada®. This gasket set includes every gasket needed to reseal your engine. It's perfect when you're performing an engine overhaul. Get this set and you won't have to run all over town hunting down gaskets.
      $0.40 - $779.94
    • Omix-Ada® Driveshaft
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      # sp7826
      Driveshaft by Omix-Ada®. Suspension lifts and 4 wheeling off road can stress and strain the driveshafts and U-joints, causing defects that can result in vibration and noise, or in extreme cases, complete driveshaft failure....
      $387.04 - $840.05
    • Omix-Ada® Catalytic Converter
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      # sp1394
      Catalytic Converter by Omix-Ada®. The catalytic converter converts harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO) and unburned Hydrocarbons (HC) into less harmful gases like water vapor and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The converter on your Jeep...
      $148.72 - $463.23
    • Omix-Ada® Exhaust Manifold
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      # sp1395
      Exhaust Manifold by Omix-Ada®. Exhaust manifolds are generally very durable, but eventually they can develop cracks from the repeated expansion and contraction of the metal as the manifold heats up and cools down. If your manifold...
      $22.41 - $225.94
    • Omix-Ada® Exhaust Muffler
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      # sp1396
      Exhaust Muffler by Omix-Ada®. Mufflers corrode from within and without, eventually developing holes where exhaust escapes. These holes can increase exhaust noise and possibly allow exhaust gas to enter the cabin. This is dangerous...
      $52.00 - $392.96
    • Omix-Ada® Fuel Tank
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      # sp1405
      Fuel Tank by Omix-Ada®. Over time, fuel tanks can rust and corrode, both from within and without, and road vibration can cause cracks to develop. In their mounting location under the vehicle, fuel tanks are also subject to impact...
      $0.40 - $521.38
    • Omix-Ada® Water Pump
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      # sp1361
      Water Pump by Omix-Ada®. The water pump circulates the coolant throughout the cooling system, where it can pick up the heat given off by hot engine parts and transfer it the surrounding air through the radiator. Should the water...
      $1.25 - $128.96
    • Omix-Ada® Ignition Tune-Up Kit
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      # sp1414
      Ignition Tune-Up Kit by Omix-Ada®. This kit contains spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, and ignition rotor, as well as all the necessary filters. These normally wearing parts deteriorate over time, costing you...
      $1.69 - $117.31
    • Omix-Ada® Leaf Springs and Components
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      # sp1331
      Leaf Springs by Omix-Ada®. Leaf springs are one of the simplest suspension systems because the springs not only allow wheel movement; they also provide the mounting points to secure the axle assembly to the vehicle. Leaf springs...
      $1.68 - $595.48

    Omix-Ada is the world’s largest independent manufacturer and distributor of Jeep parts and accessories. The owner and founder of the company was literally born into the Jeep business, as his family owned a small Jeep dealership where he learned the basics of running a successful Jeep business. Each employee of the company knows that Jeeps are no ordinary vehicle, and all share the enthusiasm that Jeep owners have for this cultural icon.

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    CARiD and Omix-Ada are your one stop for everything Jeep, regardless of whether you need rear brake shoes for a CJ-7 or front disc brake rotors for a new Wrangler. Omix-Ada stocks over 11,000 replacement, accessory, and restoration parts and has been authorized to use the “MOPAR Authentic Restoration” and “MOPAR Official Licensed Product” logos for many of the licensed parts that they produce, like the custom, finned aluminum Jeep logo valve cover.

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    As vehicles get older, it becomes harder and harder to find the right replacement parts. Why waste time at a parts chain store trying to find parts that might fit, or settle for so-called “universal” parts? At CARiD you will find a wide variety of premium Omix-Ada Jeep parts. From a shifter boot for a 1940s T90 3-speed transmission to shock absorbers for a late model Liberty, Omix-Ada has the high-quality replacement parts specially designed for your Jeep.

    • Omix-Ada® - Front Winch Bumnper on Jeep Wrangler
    • Omix-Ada® - Performance Exhaust System on Jeep Wrangler
    • Omix-Ada® - Heavy Duty Bumper on Jeep Wrangler
    • Omix-Ada® - Off-Road Bumper With Projector Lights
    • Omix-Ada® - Front Tube Bumper on Jeep Wrangler
    • Omix-Ada® - Fender Flares on Jeep Wrangler
    • Omix-Ada® - Front Bumper With Winch Hook
    • Omix-Ada® - Suspension System on Jeep Wrangler
    • Omix-Ada® - Front Bumper on Jeep Wrangler
    • Omix-Ada® - Off-Road Accessories on Jeep Wrangler
    • Omix-Ada® - Rear Bumper and Roof Racks
    • Omix-Ada® - Front Bumper With Off-Road Lights

    The Jeep enthusiasts at Omix-Ada know that many of you push your Jeeps far beyond what some stock parts can handle, so in the Jeep tradition of capability, Omix-Ada features the brands Rugged Ridge®, Alloy USA®, Outland®, ORV™ Suspension, and Precision Gear®, to bring you the latest heavy-duty suspension, driveline, and other functional accessories. These parts are specifically designed to upgrade your Jeep’s off-road capabilities.

    Omix-Ada has one of the most capable Research & Development, Engineering, and Product Development teams in the automotive aftermarket. The latest 3D CAD and Finite Element Analysis creates high quality Omix-Ada Jeep accessories and parts that will restore and enhance your Jeep. A revolutionary prototyping system brings products from concept to testing and production. Each design is tested to make sure it is easy to install and offers superior performance both on and off the road.

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    The Brand New Look!
    Installation was easy and the look is just as when the car was new.
    EPosted by Enid (San Juan, PR) /
    2003 Jeep Liberty
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