Hyundai Trunks & Tailgates

Hyundai vehicles are rarely considered alongside higher-end foreign manufacturers like Honda, Acura, Toyota, or Lexus, but they do make great cars and crossovers nonetheless. You bought your Hyundai because it's an unsung hero, made by a company that offers the best bang for your buck. For whatever reason, you're in a position where your trunk or tailgate is damaged and needs to be replaced. Hyundai like any other dealer out there likes to charge a hefty premium when it comes to replacement parts. There are, however, alternatives to buying your replacement OE trunk or tailgate through the dealer, which don't require that you sacrifice on appearance, functionality, or durability.

Your search for the most economical and long-lasting replacement stops here, with Replace brand trunks and tailgates. They're considered the best in show when it comes to aftermarket parts, and are actually a far better overall value than the dealer. Do you think Hyundai will give you a lifetime warranty if you buy your part through them? It's safe to assume the answer to that question is a big “fat” NO! Replace uses premium tooling machinery, and highly-trained staff to replicate factory parts that are guaranteed to outlast the same dealer part, under normal driving conditions.

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Whether you've just walked around to see the rear of your car after an accident or you've removed interior trunk pieces and floor liners to get a look at the condition of body panels on an older vehicle, seeing compromised metal for the first time is a gut-wrenching feeling. The good news is that, unless damage to your vehicle means it is totaled, things can be...