Honda Trunks & Tailgates

Honda has a long line of cars, trucks, SUV's, and crossovers; many of which are made domestically despite the foreign badging. There are few things that can irritate a driver more than having someone smack into your truck, tailgate, or liftgate. Many times, such damage happens when you're not even in the car, and you don't discover it until the next time you get in your vehicle, and by then the culprit has long since made their getaway. Worse, if you don't have insurance to cover collision damage or vandalism, you get stuck with the bill, which can get pretty expensive.

Replace is here to be your faithful source for replacement deck lids and liftgates. Whether you're driving a Honda: car, minivan, or SUV, they have the part you're looking for, or are working on manufacturing it in the near future. They make their parts from the same metal used by the factory, and use the same standards and specifications used by Honda, to make sure that you're fully satisfied with your purchase in each and every way possible. Replace trunks and tailgates are guaranteed to fit as the OEM part does, and won't rust like other aftermarket parts do. All parts come with a lifetime guarantee from Replace: The largest online supplier of automotive body parts in North America!

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Whether you've just walked around to see the rear of your car after an accident or you've removed interior trunk pieces and floor liners to get a look at the condition of body panels on an older vehicle, seeing compromised metal for the first time is a gut-wrenching feeling. The good news is that, unless damage to your vehicle means it is totaled, things can be...