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Oils and lubricants keep an engine and other parts of a vehicle running smoothly. They cushion metal components, oil moving units, and keep dirt out of the engine's combustion chambers. Besides reducing friction, fluids and lubricants serve a good number of other purposes: they inhibit rusting in metal parts and can also be used as cooling agents and sealants.

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We'll stick to the point and talk about basic types of fluids and what they do for your vehicle. Since some of them are more important than others, fluids differently contribute to the car's sound. We better start with motor oil. It lubricates the moving parts of the engine, preventing excessive heat and reducing internal friction. Therefore, valves, pistons, and the like remain safe. Without motor oil, the engine would seize up and the vehicle wouldn't run a mile.

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It is also worth noting that motor oil varies in types. It can be synthetic oil, synthetic blend, and finally conventional oil. For the ultimate in high temperature protection and telling performance, synthetic oils are the way to go. They contain man-made additives that increase fuel efficiency. Besides, synthetic oil requires longer oil change intervals, around 6,000 miles, which is a big advantage. Meanwhile, conventional oil offers almost the same level of protection but needs to be changed every 3,000 miles. Synthetic-blend oil is a mix of two other types and has its certain benefits as well.

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Let's talk about the transmission fluid. Its task lies in cooling and lubricating inner parts of the transmission. It is similar to motor oil, but fortunately, it can be checked far less often. Power steering fluid is the next to be discussed. It makes turning a car easier. Do you know how the coolant functions? Well, it absorbs heat from the engine and then moves to the radiator to be cooled down. As a rule, coolant is a blend of water and anti-freeze. Even if you're not a skilled auto mechanic, you probably know that the level of coolant needs to be regularly inspected. Otherwise, you run the risk of facing major troubles.

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In terms of passenger safety, brake fluid is the most important. It can be dangerous if too much air gets into the brake line, because the vehicle's ability to stop will be compromised. Though windshield wiper fluid plays no role in the car's operation, it's still essential. It provides a fast means of making the windshield clear from dust, bugs, and particles. The fluid is usually liquid-soap and easy to fill. Apart from oils and lubricants, there are also non-liquid substances called greases. They are responsible for normal function of the vehicle's body parts. As a result, doors, windows and other units don't creak.

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Permatex Tune-up Grease
| Posted by | (Avondale, AZ)

I use this grease specifically for lubing light bulb sockets so that the bulbs don't stick and break upon removal. It works great.

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