Permatex Lubricants

Gasket Removers, Gasket Makers, Brake Lube, Hand Care

Permatex is a leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium chemical products to the automotive maintenance and repair, home and hardware markets. Product categories include gasket makers, sealants, hand cleaners, threadlockers, adhesives, cleaners, repair kits, and lubricants.

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    • (0 reviews)
      The Right Stuff™ Gasket Maker by Permatex®. This is a premier instant gasket maker designed by the experts at Permatex to replace conventional gaskets and allow parts to return to service immediately. This high-tech elastomeric...
      Provides consistent and immediate sealing to return equipment to service fasterOEM approved and specified
      $22.41from $17.93 - $37.32
      # 22885475
    • (0 reviews)
      Grease Grabber™ Hand Cleaner by Permatex®. This powerful, natural paste-style hand cleaner is formulated with dirt busting “poly” scrubbers that effectively remove tough soils and absorb odors. Its formula is free from harsh...
      Removes grease, hydraulic fluids, adhesives, asphalt, varnish, paint, carbon, tar, oils, soil, gasket cement, epoxies, glues and inks (rubber, water, oil, offset, flexo)Contains no petroleum solvents and utilizes soft polyolefinic scrubbers
      $9.03from $7.22 - $19.39
      # 22885492
    • (0 reviews)
      Rust Treatment by Permatex®. Provides one-step treatment that destroys old rust and prevents new rust. Just brush or spray on. Within minutes, rust is replaced by a durable black polymer coating that may be painted. Excellent...
      Destroys old rust and prevents new rustRust is replaced by a durable black polymer coating that may be painted
      $13.01from $10.41 - $16.25
      # 22885640
    • (0 reviews)
      Anaerobic Gasket Maker by Permatex®. This non-corrosive, fast-curing, single component gasketing material is developed primarily for use on aluminum, steel, and iron flanged mating surfaces. It fills gaps up to 0.015" and cures to...
      Used for making and dressing gaskets of all shapes and sizesOEM specified
      $6.96from $5.57 - $16.74
      # 22885512
    • (0 reviews)
      Anaerobic Flange Sealant by Permatex®. Flexible, gasketing material for use on rigid machined flanges with less than .015” gap. OEM approved – use where OE’s specify “anaerobic” gasket (cures in the absence of air)....
      OEM approved – use where OE’s specify “anaerobic” gasketWithstands temperatures to 300 °F (149 °C)
      $38.74from $30.99 - $59.68
      # 22885516
    • (0 reviews)
      Form-A-Gasket™ No. 1 Sealant by Permatex®. Fast-drying, hard-setting sealant designed for sealing rigid materials and flanges, or patching holes and joints where permanent assembly is desired. Temperature range -65 °F to 400 °F...
      Fast-dryingTemperature range -65 °F to 400 °F (-54 °C to 204 °C)
      $4.90from $3.92 - $10.52
      # 22885519
    • (0 reviews)
      The Right Stuff™ GRAY Gasket Maker by Permatex®. This gasket maker is specially formulated to perform under higher torque loads associated with engines having more closely spaced bolt patterns typically found in import vehicles....
      Provides consistent and immediate sealing to return equipment to service fasterDesigned for higher torque loads of engines with high bolt densities
      $21.21from $16.97 - $31.56
      # 22885523
    • (0 reviews)
      Form-A-Gasket™ No. 2 Sealant by Permatex®. Slow-drying, non-hardening brush-top sealant approved for use in aviation as well as automotive applications. Temperature range -65 °F to 400 °F (-54 °C to 204 °C); resists gasoline,...
      Slow-dryingTemperature range -65 °F to 400 °F (-54 °C to 204 °C)
      $4.78from $3.82 - $5.16
      # 22885529
    • (2 reviews)
      Aviation Form-A-Gasket™ No. 3 Sealant Liquid by Permatex®. Slow-drying, non-hardening brush-top sealant approved for use in aviation as well as automotive applications. Temperature range -65 °F to 400 °F (-54 °C to 204 °C);...
      Slow-dryingTemperature range -65 °F to 400 °F (-54 °C to 204 °C)
      $4.60from $3.68 - $13.32
      # 22885532
    • (0 reviews)
      High Tack™ Gasket Sealant and High Tack™ Spray-A-Gasket™ Sealant by Permatex®. Fast-drying all-purpose sealant dries to a highly tacky, non-brittle fi lm. A reliable general adhesive remains tacky indefi nitely – can be...
      Remains effective at temperatures of -65 °F to 500 °F (-54 °C to 260 °C)Resists gasoline, oil, antifreeze, axle lube, kerosene, propane and butane
      $8.03from $6.42 - $15.58
      # 22885536
    • (0 reviews)
      Threadlocker Gel by Permatex®. This threadlocker gel is the next generation in chemical technology that prevents leakage and loosening of threaded fasteners while offering excellent protection from corrosion. It applies even on...
      Improved reliability without drips, globs, mess or wasteOEM specified
      $11.91from $9.53 - $16.83
      # 22885541
    • (1 reviews)
      Ultra Black™ Maximum Oil Resistance RTV Silicone Gasket Maker by Permatex®. This RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone gasket maker is designed to meet or surpass performance specifications of OE silicone gaskets. It is...
      High-temp formula meets or exceeds OE performance specificationsEnsures extended drivetrain warranty compliance
      $5.13from $4.10 - $26.35
      # 22885546
    • (0 reviews)
      Threadlocker by Permatex®. Permatex carries a complete line of threadlockers for use in a broad range of applications, on most metals and alloys, and at a wide range of temperatures. They cure in the absence of air to form a tough,...
      OEM specifiedEliminates vibration issues
      $0.15from $0.12 - $55.36
      # 22885552
    • (0 reviews)
      Thread Sealant by Permatex®. Permatex is your first choice for premium thread sealants that provide reliable and durable seal between threaded metal parts, eliminating leakage from vibration, temperature cycling, extreme pressures,...
      Seals against leakageExcellent lubricating properties
      $6.28from $5.02 - $17.69
      # 22885573
    • (0 reviews)
      High Temperature Sleeve Retainer by Permatex®. OEM specified. High temperature, up to 400ÚF (204ÚC), anaerobic adhesive that secures slip and press fit assemblies. Adds up to 3,000 PSI holding power. Restores fit to worn or...
      Adds up to 3,000 PSI holding powerRestores fit to worn or out-of-tolerance assemblies
      $11.91from $9.53 - $34.46
      # 22885582

    Since 1909, Permatex has been an acknowledged leader in the development of innovative new products and services for the automotive aftermarket. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution center for Do-it-yourselfers and Professional Technicians.

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    Innovation through research and development is a Permatex hallmark. We continually enhance our capabilities at our laboratories and facilities to provide our customers with a constant flow of new and improved products.

    Permatex currently operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the U.K. and exports products to more than 85 countries around the world. North American operations include the world headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut and a state-of-the-art manufacturing, distribution, and technical center located in Solon, Ohio.

    Permatex Reviews
    Average rating: 5 4.9 - 7 reviews
    2008 Toyota Highlander | Posted by Bruce | (Purcellville, VA)

    Having extra lube like Permatex® 85188 is a good thing to have so you can lube the caliper slide pins any time you change the brakes (just pull the slide pin out of the rubber boots/guide bushing, put a good coat of lube on the pin and reinsert, don't be afraid:). Also any moving or contact spots. You should keep some at all times if you are a casual DIY'er.

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