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Brake calipers are a major component of a vehicle's disc brake system, which also includes discs or rotors and pads. The caliper is the connection between the hydraulic part and mechanical part of your brakes. Stepping on the brake pedal pressurizes the brake fluid, eventually moving the calipers’ pistons. That piston movement pushes the brake pads against the rotors. The resulting friction slows down the disc, and the vehicle slows down too.

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Each caliper holds one or more pistons, which move back and forth depending on whether you are applying the brakes or not. Also, each caliper holds a set of brake pads. The caliper must be firmly bolted to the vehicle’s suspension or frame, so that it can withstand these forces at any road speed. At the same time, it must be accessible so that the pads can be replaced when necessary.

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Brake Calipers & Components the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Dorman, Cardone, Centric, Beck Arnley, Motorcraft, Auto 7, Carlson the Brake Calipers & Components we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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There are two basic types of caliper designs. The more common type is called the floating or sliding caliper. There will be one or two pistons on one side of the caliper only. Clamping force is applied from both sides because the two halves of the caliper can slide on pins. The less common type is called a fixed caliper, with pistons on both sides. You will find this kind of caliper on more expensive high-performance sports cars, and also as an aftermarket upgrade.

One of the problems with calipers comes about when the sliding caliper doesn’t move smoothly. The pins can be subject to dirt or corrosion. This condition can lead to sticky brakes, pulling, and premature pad wear. Also, calipers sometimes leak brake fluid. Pistons have been known to become seized in their bores, which can cause a loss of braking performance. You should always be mindful of any changes in performance, look, or sound from your brakes.

Fortunately, we offer a large selection of reliable replacement calipers which are manufactured to the same quality and performance standards as your factory calipers are. Pay attention to the condition of your brake calipers. Inspect them and replace them as soon as possible if they show any signs of wear, leakage, or malfunction. Feel safe and secure again about the operation of your vehicle’s braking system with your new high-quality calipers installed!

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If you have owned a car or truck for more than a few months, you are undoubtedly aware that your vehicle's brakes occasionally need replacing. Let's face it, we can be hard on our brakes. Highway speeds, stop-and-go traffic, and heavy cargo loads are some of the more significant factors which increase brake wear.
In this article, we’ll introduce you to the specific tools designed to be used when replacing brake components and servicing your brake system. Having the right tools BEFORE you start working on your vehicle makes these types of jobs quick, easy, and doable for the home mechanic. It also prevents having to put things back together before the job is finished...
Squealing noise upon brake application is actually caused by a high-frequency vibration of metal rotors, drums, or brake pad backing plates. Excess corrosion that forms over time on non-contact, outer perimeter areas of rotors and drums is a prime cause because rust is looser and less dense in nature – therefore, more likely to create resonation.
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2003 Lexus LS | Posted by Andrew | (Frederick, MD)

They came with a black powder coating and loaded (brakes pads) included. I am very pleased with their performance.

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