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The water pump does a great job of keeping the engine cool, even if it is not as 'famous' as the radiator. The truth is that without the water pump pushing the cooling fluids through your vehicle, the radiator will be worthless. Moreover, your vehicle may become useless as well! Running with the damaged cooling system, your engine will quickly reach extreme temperatures that can destroy most of its components.

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To understand why the water pump is so crucial, you should look inside your cooling system. Your engine is on, and the pump begins to circulate coolant all over the cooling system; the liquid starts its way from the radiator, then flows into the engine, and comes back to the radiator. The entrance to the pump is close to the center so that liquid reverting from the radiator hits the pump vanes, which throw it out of the pump, where coolant enters the engine.

The water pump receives its power from the vehicle's engine. The part is a centrifugal inlet device spun by a belt that is connected to the crankshaft of the engine. When the pulley, located at one end of the pump, is rotated by the belt, the impeller, which is on the other end of the part, starts to circulate the coolant. Once the liquid is pushed via the water pump, it passes through plenty of tiny passages located into all areas of the engine, pulling the heat out from each and every engine component. Once the pump has carried its function, the heated coolant goes through the thermostat and comes back into the radiator.

Phew..! An informative journey, isn't it? But it's time to go back to the reality, which sometimes is not that smooth and plain. Because water pump endures constant use inside your engine, it can give up the ghost easily. Its failure is usually caused by a bearing damage of the pump shaft that is followed by a water leak. The leakage is usually found coming out of the weep hole that is located at the bottom of the pump, or around the gasket, which is behind the pump. The second symptom of a straggling unit is an unusual noise, the sign of a defective impeller. So, if you notice a coolant leek or hear some groaning or grinding noises, beware - your water pump is about to over its lifespan, and the time for a replacement has come.

Experts prove that it's better to change the water pump with your timing belt at one stroke. Since these belts tend to last 70,000 to 100,000 miles, the longevity of a water pump is close to that figure, too. Another bright idea is to change the part when the cooling system is due for a maintenance inspection, especially when the radiator needs a replacement. Servicing the water pump is much simpler if the radiator is separated for added working clearance. Whichever way you choose for your water pump replacement, CARiD will be waiting for you with the latest range of top-quality parts at a price you'll find affordable.

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1957 Oldsmobile Starfire
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Was so good to find the pump available and at a reasonable price. I ordered it and was rec promptly.

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