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Extreme heat can seriously damage your engine. The cooling system absorbs and dissipates the excess heat generated by the engine, and maintains normal operating temperature. The cooling system includes the radiator, cooling fan, water pump, thermostat, coolant, and the necessary hoses, clamps, and fittings. If your engine is overheating or the cooling system is leaking, we have the parts that will make your engine cool again.


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The radiator is the most important component of the cooling system because it’s here that the exchange of heat takes place. The radiator has many small tubes separated by fins and connected to an inlet and outlet tank. Hot coolant flows through the tubes and transfers heat to the fins, which is carried away by air flowing through the gaps between the fins. Radiators can leak due to corrosion or impact damage, or the tubes and fins can become clogged and obstructed, reducing coolant and airflow. If you’re in need of a radiator, we have a quality replacement that will bolt right in place.

Cooling fans are used to force air through the radiator. This is necessary when the vehicle is stopped or moving slowly to achieve the necessary exchange of heat. There are mechanical fans that are driven by a belt from the crankshaft, and electric fans that operate according to coolant temperature. Both are usually enclosed in a shroud to ensure air is pulled through the radiator. Mechanical fans have a clutch that can fail, and the motor, switch, relay, and other components can fail in the electric fan circuit. Regardless of the fan type or malfunction, we have the replacement parts.

The thermostat is enclosed in a housing on the engine and connected to the radiator by a hose. It remains closed to allow the engine to come to operating temperature quickly and then opens to allow coolant circulation to maintain normal operating temperature. It can fail by sticking in the open or closed position. If stuck open, the engine will run cooler than specified, usually indicated by poor heater performance. A thermostat that sticks closed will cause the engine to quickly overheat. We offer replacement thermostat housings, gaskets, and thermostats that will open at the temperature specified for your vehicle.

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Radiator Fan For Ford Flex
This part was a great part, but I had to switch red and black wire around to make the fan run in the correct way. I would order from them again.
KPosted by Kara (Florissant, MO) /
2009 Ford Flex
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