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The cooling system in your car is smart, keeping the engine from overheating by channeling coolant through it and then using that heat to warm the cabin. Engines produce a lot of heat as a result of the internal combustion processes, and without a properly operating cooling system, your engine can overheat quickly, leaving your car unable to run. If you don't want this to happen, you need to keep the cooling system in great shape.

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Cooling system hoses are vitally important to keeping your vehicle's cooling system fully operational and making sure your engine doesn't overheat. These tough, durable hoses are what allows the coolant fluid to circulate through the engine and reduce the temperature as the engine runs. If one or more of the cooling system hoses don't work properly because they are leaky, worn out, or there are blockages, then the whole cooling system can fail.

The system is usually comprised of a number of hoses, with most systems using two radiator hoses, which are the larger hoses that carry the coolant fluid between the engine, where it quickly heats up as it cools the system, and the car's radiator, where the fluid is cooled. There are also heater core hoses in the dash area, where the heat is used to warm the cabin of the vehicle. As well as the radiator and heater core hoses, there are several smaller hoses around the vehicle's engine, which are used to circulate coolant around the engine.

While the cooling system hoses used in your car are designed to be incredibly tough and heat-resistant, because of the heat and the pressure they have to operate under, things can go wrong. If one of the hoses becomes disconnected from the system or develops a leak, the system will stop working properly and the engine can begin to overheat. You can also run into problems if there isn't enough cooling system lubricant in the system, so it is important to make sure you check the levels.

Signs that there are problems with your cooling system can include the car overheating and strange noises coming from the radiator. You can also check the levels of cooling system fluids in the same way you check the other fluids on your car. If one of the cooling system hoses is faulty, then the best thing to do is get a replacement. The size and type of hose you need will vary according to the car's specific cooling system, so you'll need to make sure you get the right hoses for your vehicle.

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Way Better Than The Stealership
2002 Jaguar S-Type
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The product was just as good as OEM and was a fraction of the price. Shipping was fast.

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