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Replacement Driveline & Axles

The driveline encompasses all the components that take power from the transmission and send it to the wheels that drive your car or truck. This includes driveshafts, axles, CV-joints and U-joints, transfer cases, differentials, and wheel hubs. Driveline parts are generally stout enough to last if the vehicle isn’t abused, but if you hear clunking and whining and feel vibration, you may need to check out our selection of driveline replacement parts.

Auto Repair Driveline & Axles

Driveshafts transfer power from the transmission to an axle assembly. They usually consist of hollow steel tubes with flanges welded at each end to mount U-joints. The U-joints have bearings and attach to yokes at the transmission and axle, to allow the driveshaft to articulate as the axle moves up and down with the suspension. Clunking or squeaking noise may indicate a worn joint, so install one of our quality replacements to avoid complete failure.

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Front wheel drive axles are also known as “halfshafts”. These shafts transfer power from the transaxle to the wheels, and because they must deal with steering as well as suspension movement, couplings that can handle greater angles are needed, called CV-joints. There are several kinds of CV-joints but all are housed in flexible boots packed with grease. It is this boot that commonly fails. Once the boot breaks, the lubricant is lost and the CV-joint usually fails shortly afterward. We can supply you with your choice of repair solutions, from replacement boots, to joint and boot kits, to complete axle assemblies.

Replacement Driveline & Axles

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Replacement Driveline & Axles the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Cardone, Dorman, Timken, Pronto, Centric, Quality-Built, First Equipment Quality, Beck Arnley, REPLACE, Auto 7, Omix-ADA, Febi, EMPI, SKF, Rein, Vaico, Motorcraft, Mopar, SurTrack, Aftermarket, Genuine, Pilot, Koyo, NSK, FAG, Ruville, GMB, Meyle, NTN, Fel-Pro, Falcon, Lemfoerder, Denso, USA Standard Gear the Replacement Driveline & Axles we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.


The differential takes the power from the driveshaft and transfers it to the wheels via axle shafts. The driveshaft is connected to a pinion gear, which drives a ring gear attached to the differential case. The case contains pinion gears, and side gears splined to axle shafts that together allow the wheels to turn at different speeds when turning a corner. Differentials are generally durable components, but the bearings on which the pinion and differential case rotate can wear causing noise and clearance problems. We can supply all your repair needs including rebuild kits, case assemblies, and ring and pinion sets.

Replacement Driveline & Axles Components

Wheel hubs are the interface between the drive axle and the wheel. The hub is splined to the axle shaft and has a flange with studs to which the wheel is attached. The hub bearings are the common wear parts. When worn you may hear a growling or humming noise that may go away when you turn the steering wheel back and forth while driving. Older hub bearings had to be removed and installed with a press and fixtures, but most new vehicles have unitized hubs that are replaced as an assembly. Regardless of the vehicle or type of hub, we have the replacement parts to make your vehicle quiet and safe again.

Guides & Articles
Wheel bearings are as old and important as the wheel itself thanks to their ability to allow free rotation without the damaging effects of friction and wear. In this article, we’ll define and discuss the individual components so that you are better informed when you are ready to purchase replacement wheel bearings, hubs, seals, and components. We’ll also cover...
In this article we'll look at the differences between a "transaxle" and a "transmission". In short, a transaxle performs both the gear-changing function of a transmission and the power-splitting ability of an axle differential in one integrated unit. A transmission performs the gear-changing function only, delivering power via a single output shaft at the back of...
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Driveline & Axles Reviews
Average rating: 4.5 4.7 - 134 reviews
2010 Ford F-450 | Posted by Glenn | (Oklahoma City, OK)

Quiet gears and no problem with set up. This set meets all my expectations.

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