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You must always be sure that every part of your vehicle is in good shape when you're at the wheel. And one of the most vital components you should consider is an axle since it allows for optimal performance of your vehicle. If you hear a distinctive rumbling or vibrations when accelerating or turning the car, the axle may be in trouble. It is the right time to replace the worn out part because its failure can result in a complete loss of vehicle control.

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Axles & Components the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Replace, Mopar, Timken, Fel-Pro, National, Centric, Beck Arnley the Axles & Components we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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An axle is a steel central shaft that connects two wheels and keeps them in position. It allows the wheels to rotate due to the power coming from the engine through a driveshaft. There are drive and dead axles. In most FWDs, the drive axle is at the front. Such axle has two halves connected with an inner CV joint and provides the rotational force to the wheels. The dead axle is at the rear of FWDs and serves strictly for load-bearing purposes.

There are certain reasons why this unit gets damaged. But mind that worn out CV joints are the number one reason. A joint is covered with a CV rubber boot, and when the boot rips, the lubricant leaks out, and the joint dries out. The result is an affected axle. The driveshaft may also be the core of the problem. This rapidly spinning part transfers engine power to the axle; when the driveshaft is bent, the malfunction of your axle will be the outcome. When this sort of problem happens, welcome to CARiD for replacements!

Your car axle can also break because of bad carrier bearing, overload, or bumpy road. Then, the only question is: how to know that the axle is out of function? Well, when this part fails, your vehicle starts jerking, as if there is something heavy trying to slow it down, and then it won't move at all. You should keep in mind few simple tips on how to know that the unit is defective. When you'll hear a sputtering or clunking noise when putting your car into gear, or when you're accelerating or turning your vehicle and feel uncommon vibrations, the axle is nearly worn out.

Though rather simple in theory, the axle must be incredibly strong. Not only does it bear the weight of the vehicle's body but also carries the weight of cargo and passengers. When the axle fails, you better let the mechanics judge what to do. Only they can diagnose the part without causing additional damage. To have your car axles operating in a proper way, check the parts every few months. Also, try to avoid chuckholes and don't overload the vehicle. These useful tips will help you extend the service life of your axles. But when they're failed, we'll have you covered with the first-class repair parts.

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2002 Mini Cooper
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The product is identical to the T. It is very easy to install and it's new. Come on now, now that's a extremely great buy.

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