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In 1919, brothers H.P. and S.A. Moog bought the St. Louis branch of the Jenkins-Vulcan Spring Company and eventually turned it into the global chassis parts leader, currently known as MOOG. It earned the reputation of “The Problem Solver” back in 1937 when its first front-end replacement part was recognized by mechanics as outperforming the factory original. Since that time, MOOG has been consistently developing "problem solving solutions."

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At the beginning, the company made automotive leaf springs mostly for Ford Model T cars and trucks. In the 1920s, its product line was expanded with unique designs for original equipment springs and the business name was changed to St. Louis Spring Company. 14 years later, the manufacturer successfully entered the piston ring industry with the purchase of St. Louis Motor Products Company.

In 1943, all Moog-owned corporations including St. Louis Spring Co., Moog Coil Action Parts Co., and Moog Piston Ring Co. were consolidated as divisions of MOOG Industries, Inc. A decade later, the company became involved in NASCAR for the first time. Since that time, MOOG has been providing free parts to teams in exchange for their sporting the MOOG logo. Today MOOG supplies a complete package of service solutions including suspension parts, hub assemblies and bearings, and universal joints.

The steering line of the company has earned the trust of technicians and NASCAR crew chiefs and now includes alignment parts, tie rod ends, idler and pitman arms, center/drag links, and steering stabilizers. The MOOG Hub Assemblies line includes coverage for virtually all applications putting the company's problem-solving philosophy to work for the broadest range of vehicles while the universal joints line brings a whole variety of U-joint parts that are machined to meet or exceed original equipment standards.

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2004 Hyundai Elantra
| Posted by | (Las Vegas, NV)

Hey, they're springs. What's not to like? Normally I wouldn't bother replacing springs, but my car's struts were badly worn and the front passenger suspension could not be compressed using the "bounce test." I thought this may have damaged or weakened the springs, so I thought I'd replace the fronts. The thing that is key for my high rating of this product is that the pair was under $40. I've seen the exact same pair at other sites for a much higher price. Because the price was so good I thought I'd replace the rears anyway. So I ordered them. The fronts got delivered. The rears did not. Turns out they were not available. Just wish the CARiD site reflected the correct availability. Even after I was told they unavailable the site still said they were in stock. But this is not a critique of the part. Just be aware you may want to call and confirm availability. The rears get a lot less wear and tear - and it was optional anyway - so it really wasn't a big deal for me that the springs were not available. If I were to nitpick it seemed like the paint flaked off easily. Perhaps in more humid environments that may create a rust issue. But not an issue for me.

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