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Wheel bearings are as old and important as the wheel itself thanks to their ability to allow free rotation without the damaging effects of friction and wear. In this article, we’ll define and discuss the individual components so that you are better informed when you are ready to purchase replacement wheel bearings, hubs, seals, and components. We’ll also cover...
In this article we'll look at the differences between a "transaxle" and a "transmission". In short, a transaxle performs both the gear-changing function of a transmission and the power-splitting ability of an axle differential in one integrated unit. A transmission performs the gear-changing function only, delivering power via a single output shaft at the back of...
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Hyundai Replacement Driveline & Axles Reviews
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Pretty Good - With One Exception
2004 Hyundai Elantra | Posted by John | (Las Vegas, NV)

I purchased both the passenger and driver side axles. The quality looks very good from what you can see of the product. Obviously, the real guts are inside the boots. Time will tell how well they hold up. But for a little over a hundred bucks you get two axles. How can you beat that? The only obvious difference between this axle and the OEM axle is that the OEM had a rubber damper in the middle of the shaft. Not sure if that is supposed to minimize vibration or something, but this axle does not have the rubber damper. The only thing I don't like - and another review mentioned it before - is that the axles don't come with a castle nut and cotter pin. Instead it uses a dimpled lock not (I don't know what the type of nut is actually called) that gouges the threads as you tighten it. It's intended to do this to lock the nut. But if for whatever reason you make a mistake and need to remove the axle from the hub before the next axle change you might be screwed. If the axle had a hole in the end for a cotter pin and a castle nut then it would have been more to my liking (because sometimes I make mistakes and need to disassemble stuff to correct it). Also, with this type of nut an impact wrench is highly desirable. I had one, so it wasn't a big deal. But if you don't you'll probably work up a sweat tightening the nut. So, if you have an impact wrench and don't make any mistakes that require disassemble, this product is plenty fine and a great value. The issue with the nut I'm rating under "ease of installation", which is why the three stars.

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