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Centric was founded in Southern California in 2000. In the following decade, the company achieved international recognition for its high-quality aftermarket brake parts and systems manufactured under the Centric, PosiQuiet, StopTech, and C-Tek labels, having earned four patents along the way. Operating multiple warehouse and manufacturing facilities, Centric continually makes significant improvements to brake technology for the street and track.

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    • Centric® Premium Brake Rotor
      (20 reviews)
      Premium Brake Rotor by Centric®. This Centric brake rotor is manufactured using double disc grinding to eliminate taper and run-out, and ensure parallelism for excellent braking performance. The grinding process leaves a...
      $22.38from $17.90 - $790.53
      # 4432
    • Centric® Fleet Performance Brake Pads
      (2 reviews)
      Fleet Performance Brake Pads by Centric®. These brake pads are specially designed to operate under high-demand conditions providing safe stops from high speeds regardless of temperature. With unique para-aramid compounds, these...
      $45.58from $36.46 - $89.82
      # 4622
    • Centric® Posi Quiet™ Loaded Brake Caliper
      (18 reviews)
      Posi Quiet™ Loaded Brake Caliper by Centric®. With all new brake pads, hardware, O-rings, boots, and so on, this caliper is the perfect replacement for your seized, leaking or otherwise damaged part. It features the new Quiet...
      $36.56from $29.25 - $250.57
      # 4659
    • Centric® C-Tek™ Drum Brake Shoes
      (1 reviews)
      C-Tek™ Drum Brake Shoes by Centric®. Engineered and tested to provide superior quality and performance, these shoes also provide improved service life for most import and domestic applications. The 100% asbestos-free friction...
      $13.65from $10.92 - $38.03
      # 4644
    • Centric® C-Tek™ Standard Brake Rotor
      (8 reviews)
      C-Tek™ Standard Brake Rotor by Centric®. Manufactured using quality G3000 metallurgy and designed with a non-directional finish, this rotor provides superior braking power, high durability, excellent pedal feel, and quiet...
      $13.94from $11.15 - $157.77
      # 4431
    • Centric® Posi Quiet™ Premium Ceramic Brake Pads
      (8 reviews)
      Posi Quiet™ Premium Ceramic Brake Pads by Centric®. These pads are manufactured using the positive molding process to assure consistent friction material density throughout the pad for excellent braking performance and extended...
      $23.23from $18.58 - $94.70
      # 4626
    • Centric® C-Tek™ Standard Brake Drum
      (1 reviews)
      C-Tek™ Standard Brake Drum by Centric®. Engineered, designed, and manufactured using the latest technologies, this drum will provide OE fitment and performance at a great value. Its configured with G3000 metallurgy and has...
      $16.89from $13.51 - $118.43
      # 4645
    • Centric® Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads
      (0 reviews)
      Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads by Centric®. These brake pads are engineered for increased service life while maintaining high friction levels at all operating temperatures. They're highly durable and provide high performance...
      $15.11from $12.09 - $45.92
      # 4629
    • Centric® C-Tek™ Sport Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotor
      (19 reviews)
      C-Tek™ Sport Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotor by Centric®. This rotor is custom crafted for your specific year, make, and model vehicle to provide performance-stopping power while meeting all OEM fit and quality specifications....
      $36.08from $28.86 - $87.49
      # 4430
    • Centric® Remanufactured Semi-Loaded Brake Caliper
      (8 reviews)
      Remanufactured Semi-Loaded Brake Caliper by Centric®. Pressure tested and carefully inspected, this caliper ensures safe, leak-free performance while providing a precision fit. The caliper is tumble blasted with steel shot to...
      $21.18from $16.94 - $142.47
      # 4660
    • Centric® Formula 100 Series OEM Brake Pads
      (0 reviews)
      Formula 100 Series OEM Brake Pads by Centric®. Designed to perfectly fit your vehicle and meet/exceed the exacting standards for OE braking performance, these pads are a true OE formulation, manufactured using OE processes and OE...
      $34.24from $27.39 - $1,196.11
      # 4624
    • Centric® C-Tek™ Wheel Hub Repair Kit
      (1 reviews)
      C-Tek™ Wheel Hub Repair Kit by Centric®. With this repair kit, you can easily repair a wheel hub without breaking the bank. The kit meets all OE standards and specifications for fit, quality, and function and includes all you...
      $33.74from $26.99 - $43.09
      # 4583
    • Centric® Posi Quiet™ Extended Wear Brake Pads
      (1 reviews)
      Posi Quiet™ Extended Wear Brake Pads by Centric®. With these brake pads, you will experience excellent braking performance along with the assurance that your brakes and rotors will last for many miles. To ensure quiet operation,...
      $31.08from $24.86 - $92.56
      # 4625
    • Centric® Premium High Carbon Slotted Brake Rotor
      (0 reviews)
      Premium High Carbon Slotted Brake Rotor by Centric®. This rotor is professionally slotted to move gas, heat, and water away from its surface, while increased Chromium and Carbon content makes it more resistant to oxidation. Thanks...
      $109.05from $87.24 - $546.50
      # 4435
    • Centric® C-Tek™ Ceramic Brake Pads
      (5 reviews)
      C-Tek™ Ceramic Brake Pads by Centric®. Thanks to advanced ceramic formula, these pads produce minimal dust extending rotor life and providing exceptional braking performance you can trust. They're scorched and shimmed to...
      $14.38from $11.50 - $39.92
      # 4618

    Originally focusing on engineering and manufacturing replacement parts for everyday use, the company has expanded into the performance market by acquiring StopTech in 2006 and Power Slot in 2007. Today Centric has one of the industry’s finest programs for tracking and cataloging original equipment, and devising quality aftermarket and OE parts. Centric has been repeatedly awarded by the Friction Materials Standards Institute for this program.

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    The company manufactures brakes, big brake kits, high performance brakes, calipers, discs, rotors, pads, racing brakes, fluid, aftermarket brakes, big brake kits (BBKs), armored vehicle brake upgrades, and OEM brake systems for nearly every make and model of passenger car and medium duty truck manufactured since 1937. Whether you need Centric brake pads, Centric brake shoes, or any other Centric brake parts, CARiD has you covered. Designed with the ultimate in quality in mind, Centric pads, rotors, calipers, etc. provide years of worry-free service.

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    2003 Cadillac CTS | Posted by Larry | (Fresno, TX)

    From my experience with the on line company their product have always look just as good in person as they do online, their prices are unbelievable and can't be beat.the wait is short, all of the items I have ordered are factory equivalent. So i know longer go to the dealership. Thank you CARiD.

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