In the old, pre-computer controlled days, the path to more horsepower ran deep under the hood into the bowels of the engine, and much time and money was needed for bigger cams, larger valves, and high compression pistons. Sure, you can still do all that today, but why bother? Now getting more horsepower and torque from your engine is as easy as plugging in a programmer. With just a few keystrokes you can have power and acceleration you can feel.


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The programmers we offer contain performance “tunes” that have been developed and proven to make power on the dyno, so you won’t have to guess or experiment with settings that could damage your engine. All you have to do is plug the programmer into the OBD II port and follow the on-screen instructions. And with a programmer, you can fully exploit the benefits of cold air intakes, exhaust systems, and other performance parts with a “custom tune” specifically created for your vehicle that accounts for these modifications.

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The computer, commonly known as ECM, ECU, or PCM, is your vehicle’s brain and controls every function, particularly ones that are critical for performance like fuel delivery, ignition timing and spark advance. However, the computer is calibrated very conservatively at the factory, with settings intended for the “average” driver. Your engine is capable of much more, and if you’re an enthusiast you can unleash this hidden power with a performance programmer.

In addition to preloaded tunes, many programmers allow you to monitor vehicle functions on on-screen gauges, log the data, and download it to a PC. If you’re an experienced tuner or you take your vehicle to a tuning shop you can use this information on the dyno or on the street to fine tune your engine for maximum horsepower, best fuel economy, or the best set-up for towing. It’s possible to monitor parameters like RPM, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, turbo boost, exhaust gas temperature, manifold pressure, fuel trims, and more.

Although features vary according to programmer and manufacturer, many programmers allow you to do much more than tune your engine. On some programmers you can adjust shift patterns and speedometer to account for a different axle ratio or larger diameter tires; increase/decrease idle speed and rev limiter point, or even remove the rev limiter; adjust shift firmness on automatic transmissions; disable traction control and displacement on demand systems; adjust the temperature at which the engine cooling fan turns on and off, and much more.

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Many programmers will also enable you to read DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), providing the specific trouble code designation as well as a full text description of the code. You can save money by diagnosing your own vehicle, and clear the codes. And because most programmers back up your factory tune during installation, if you have to take your vehicle to the dealer, you can put it back in its factory state of tune to avoid service department hassles. We even offer programmers with a racing mode that can calculate 0-60 mph and ¼ mile times, with an on-screen drag strip tree to see reaction time.

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    Many auto enthusiasts are driving around with speedometers registering too low a speed because they've mounted bigger tires on their vehicle. This effect occurs because larger tires have a greater overall circumference (distance around the outer edge) than smaller ones do. A tire with a larger circumference will cover more ground per revolution, and it will also make fewer revolutions in a mile than a tire of smaller diameter.
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    If you're tuning a modern engine, there's a lot of information you'll need to know in order to make educated adjustments and avoid trial-and-error guesses. Keeping track of air/fuel ratios, fuel pressures, boost pressures, and rpms is difficult at speed, and trying to commit them all to memory is almost impossible - assuming you even have readouts for these items. Maybe all you need to do is closely watch how temperatures and other things are affected by stop-and-go traffic. Or maybe you take your vehicle on track runs. If so, you already know splitting your attention between gauges and driving just causes you to lose focus on both. Because you can't take notes while driving, we offer a practical and effective solution for the tracking of engine data - recording it electronically for later playback.
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    Modern cars and trucks are constantly evolving, mostly due to advancements in electronics. This allows vehicle systems previously controlled by mechanical hardware to be run by computers that have processing power undreamt of several short decades ago. When applied properly, this processing power can wring out higher levels of a vehicle's built-in power and responsiveness, without physically making any engine upgrades. One such system found on today's fuel-injected vehicles is electronic throttle control, commonly known as drive-by-wire.
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    In today's ultra-competitive automotive world where fuel consumption, horsepower, and emissions are paramount, modern vehicles are controlled by computers in order to meet these opposite and conflicting demands. And presiding over the multitude of separate computers on any vehicle is the ECU (Engine Control Unit) - sometimes called the ECM (Engine Control Module).

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This is my first programmer. I was a little apprehensive about installing it myself. But after reading the very easy to understand instructions I said what the heck. It was so easy it took about 15 minutes to do. And all I can say is whoa. My 2015 Silverado High Country 1500 is screaming past the competition. The display of the HT2 is bright and easy to read. Highly recommend the programmer to anyone. Except Ford owners.
TPosted by Timothy (Fairbanks, AK) /
2015 Chevy Silverado
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