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Just about every modern vehicle is equipped with an engine control unit, ECU. It's a little box that, in fact, controls and regulates operation of the engine, thus letting you experience the ironclad torque and fuel economy. The bad thing is that car manufacturers program ECU with an average driver in mind. No wonder why your vehicle doesn't operate at its peak, and why the high-performance junkies can't tap into the max output of the engine.

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As you see, it is actually the on-board computer that limits your vehicle's potential. It's a strict censor that scissors all breath-taking scenes from a blockbuster. Performance chips are engineered to reconfigure your on-board computer, and thus, free your engine from the restrictive factory settings. You get optimum air-fuel mixture and ignition timing, change any settings you want and have fun behind the wheel and enjoy every second on the road.

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These small devices are amazingly flexible and come with the pre-uploaded tunes that help you change driving modes in no time flat. Whether you're striving for max efficiency or want to squeeze all the power from your vehicle, you'll surely find the right tune in your performance chip. The installation is a 15 minute procedure that is perfectly reversible. All performance chips and hand-held tuners come with the step-by-step instructions that any driver can follow.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Performance Chips & Programmers the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Bully Dog, DiabloSport, Edge, Hypertech, Superchips, SCT Performance the Performance Chips & Programmers we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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We all have to get from A to B, but every now and again it helps to wring a little bit more juice out of the machine to make sure we're still alive. As the old saying goes, "there is always room for improvement." If you want to see what your vehicle is really capable of, then there are no more decisions to be made. When it comes to performance chips, we offer wall-to-wall with our tuner selection aimed directly at the type of vehicle you drive.

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SuperChips, Bully Dog, and DiabloSport are only three of the marquee names in store for you, so you can count on the expert technology that awaits at every turn. There is no longer a need to pretend you're "satisfied" with the factory settings. Your vehicle has more inside of it than the OEM wanted you to use. Increase your horsepower, haul with more brawn, and stop seeing your gas gauge plummet every other day of the week! Let us help you find the performance-enhancer that awakens your model's inner monster!

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1996 Dodge Ram
| Posted by | (Grande Prairie, AB)

It woke up my 318 it does what they said it would!

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