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Since 1985, Hypertech® has continually pushed the envelope of power gains for racing and consumer vehicles with new software applications for throttle bodies, transmissions, and timing. In 1994, Hypertech offered the revolutionary Power Programmers capable of loading software enhancements directly into a vehicle’s existing engine control computer. Hypertech hasn’t looked back since, and has gone on to create a line of power programmers for today’s needs.

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Showing 1-15 of 61 Products
    Showing 1-15 of 61 Products

    If you want a full-function tuner with high levels of vehicle function controllability, the Max Energy gasoline and diesel engine programmers give you a wealth of innovative features along with the ability to bring bigger power gains. The Max Energy also allows you to manually control the temperatures at which the cooling fan comes on, adjust limiters for vehicle speed, and adapt speedometer readings when custom sized gear ratios or tires are installed.

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    Hypertech realizes not everyone needs a full function programmer, and that’s why they also offer a line of value priced tuners designed to give you just what you need. The E-CON series gives you only the core functions of reading / clearing diagnostic trouble codes with software programming for enhanced power and mileage. The Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator reads DTCS and lets you reprogram the speedometer and odometer for upsized tires and gears.

    All Hypertech units come with a CD programming disc and USB cable for initial hookup using your PC. Downloading from the disc takes only moments, and once your programmer is ready for operation it plugs easily into your vehicle’s under-dash OBD II port. Your vehicle’s original ECU software is read and stored, then the Hypertech unit swaps in new customized programming. If the need arises to leave your vehicle at the dealership, your programmer can easily return your ECU to original production settings.

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    2008 Dodge Dakota
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    Very good product.

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