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In the days of the bygone era when automobiles were not computer controlled, the common way to get more agile power lurking within your engine lay deeply under the hood, and this way was both time and money consuming. Modern vehicles come equipped with the computer known as ECM, ECU, or PCM. Like human brain, it is meant to control each and every function in the vehicle's body. Usually the computer is preloaded at the factory with settings intended for an 'average' driver. For those who want to unleash the hidden power inside the engine or increase torque, worldwide known manufacturers have put tomorrow technologies through their paces today to create the finest performance programmers and chips.

The top-notch performance chips and programmers offered in our extensive selection will help you get the most out of your Dodge without a hitch. These products comprise performance 'tunes' that were developed with utmost care to detail and rigorously dyno-tested for proven power and performance. Designed with ease of use in mind, Dodge performance chips and programmers we handpicked on our website feature worry-free installation. With the performance chips and programmers for your Dodge, you can fine tune your engine for peak performance, lower fuel consumption as well as monitor coolant temperature, exhaust gas temperature, intake air temperature, turbo boost, and many many more.

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    • DiabloSport® Trinity Programmer
      (8 reviews)
      # 324
      Trinity Programmer by DiabloSport®. This hi-res color screen programmer plugs in to any vehicle’s OBD II port to remap ECU operation for increased power and mileage. The screen displays a wealth of vehicle gauge info, and lets...
    • Superchips® VIVID Performance Programmer
      (2 reviews)
      # 252
      VIVID Performance Programmer by Superchips®. Link up to your vehicle’s ECU wirelessly and dial up increased levels of horsepower and torque best suited to racing, towing, fuel economy, or all-terrain use. Provides real-time...
      $349.99 - $379.99
    • Edge® Evolution CS / CTS Programmer
      (7 reviews)
      # 315
      Evolution CS / CTS Programmer by Edge®. Providing the ultimate level of vehicle instrumentation along with 4 levels of performance enhancement, the compact CS and wide-screen CTS programmers plug in to any OBD II compatible vehicle...
      $499.00 - $649.00
    • Hypertech® Max Energy Programmer
      (7 reviews)
      # 585
      Max Energy Programmer by Hypertech®. The Max Energy Programmer is one of the most full-function tuners on the market - providing high levels of power and economy for gasoline and diesel engines, with specific tuning applications...
      $229.00 - $379.99
    • DiabloSport® inTune Programmer
      (9 reviews)
      # 321
      inTune Programmer by DiabloSport®. With dimensions smaller than most smart phones, this full-function programmer plugs in to any vehicle’s OBD II port to remap ECU operation for increased power and mileage. The color touch screen...
      $389.00 - $449.00
    • Superchips® Flashpaq Tuner
      (14 reviews)
      # 251
      Flashpaq Tuner by Superchips®. This compact diagnostic programmer connects with any OBD II compatible vehicle to adjust levels of horsepower and torque most beneficial to towing, racing, fuel economy, or all-terrain use. Also reads...
      $314.10 - $349.00
    • Bully Dog® Triple Dog GT Tuner
      (12 reviews)
      # 434
      Triple Dog GT Tuner by Bully Dog®. The Triple Dog Gauge Tuner or GT is four products in one: a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge and diagnostic device all in a single unit. The GT dramatically improves the utility of your...
      $15.38 - $699.55
    • Banks® AutoMind™ Programmer
      (0 reviews)
      # 7669
      AutoMind™ Programmer by Banks®. The Banks AutoMind programmer lets you reprogram your vehicle’s engine controller. Features include multiple programs, OBD-II support, and OBD-II code-clearing capability.
      $317.73 - $499.00
    • Superchips® Cortex Programmer
      (19 reviews)
      # 250
      Cortex Programmer by Superchips®. This hand-held diagnostic programmer connects with any OBD II compatible diesel or gasoline vehicle to adjust levels of horsepower and torque best suited to racing, towing, fuel economy, or...
      $341.99 - $379.99
    • Banks® iQ Flash
      (0 reviews)
      # 728
      iQ Flash by Banks®. Take complete control of all added power and safety functions when you connect the Banks iQ Flash to any Banks diesel tuner, AutoMind Flash Programming Module, SpeedBrake, or other compatible device. GPS,...
      $14.95 - $934.52
    • Bully Dog® WatchDog™ Monitor
      (2 reviews)
      # 435
      WatchDog™ Monitor by Bully Dog®. Monitor multiple vehicle parameters. Plugs into OBD-II port for easy installation. Mount permanently or suction cup to windshield. Great for tuning or towing. Tracks vehicle performance to see...
      $15.38 - $299.99
    • AEM® Series 2 Plug and Play Engine Management System
      (0 reviews)
      # 2579
      Series 2 Plug & Play Engine Management System by AEM®. This Series 2 Programmable Engine Management System is more powerful than its predecessor. In addition to more robust hardware, there are several improvements over the original...
      $6.38 - $2,034.89
    • Edge® Insight CS / CTS Monitor
      (4 reviews)
      # 318
      Insight CS / CTS Monitor by Edge®. Specially created to provide the ultimate level of vehicle instrumentation, the compact CS and wide-screen CTS monitors plug in to any OBD II compatible vehicle port. Fault codes and check engine...
      $299.00 - $399.00
    • Banks® Six-Gun™ Diesel Tuner Performance Module
      (0 reviews)
      # 7666
      Six-Gun™ Diesel Tuner Performance Module by Banks®. The Banks Six-Gun diesel tuner can add as much as 155 hp/385 ft.-lbs. to your rear-wheel horsepower safely, for major improvements in towing or racing. And it does it without...
      $342.12 - $1,130.94
    • Hypertech® Speedometer Calibrator
      (3 reviews)
      # 589
      Speedometer Calibrator by Hypertech®. The law requires accurate speedometer readings, even if you have non-stock tires or gear ratios installed. The Speedometer Calibrator is created to provide that specific function if your Max...
      $229.00 - $311.39

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    2002 Dodge Ram | Posted by Sawyer | (Taunton, MN)

    Used this on my 02 cummins. Getting 24 mpg highway. Definitely can tell performance gains on the performance level. Love it.

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