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Beginning at the turn of the millennium, DiabloSport came together as a small team of scientists and engineers from all walks of automotive, aerospace, software, and computer chip development and manufacturing. They shared passion for racing, and high performance on the street. The company soon distinguished itself by pioneering Electronic Engine Control technology that could handle the myriad of functions that modern vehicles perform.

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DiabloSport engineers combined their developments with their enthusiasm for performance to come out with a line of hand-held automotive tuners and chips for boosted performance and mileage gains. As microprocessor speeds and power increased over the years, DiabloSport added new capacities to automotive tuners that went beyond the basics. Tuner units could be adjusted by the user to account for and make the most of specific vehicle modifications such as larger tire sizes, larger aftermarket cold air intakes, mass airflow sensor enhancement, revised axle gear ratios, and more.

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If you enjoy measuring your performance in timed runs, DiabloSport tuners offer the ability to track it all for you when no one else is around to hold the stopwatch. The Dragstrip timing feature allows you to clock quarter-mile, eighth-mile, zero-to-sixty, and zero-to-100 measurements based directly on speedometer and distance input from the vehicle itself. Unlike other brands of programmers, DiabloSport units can start the clock the instant you press the accelerator pedal, or give you racetrack style red-yellow-green light warnings first.

DiabloSport hand-held tuners also provide the ability to share their advanced engine monitoring abilities with you in the form of diagnostic readouts that show any fault codes that occur during normal vehicle operation. Then inform you exactly what they signify so you can tell a serious problem pattern from an intermittent “hiccup” or loose gas cap. This provides you with dealership knowledge without the inconvenience and cost of going to the dealership. Customers often say DiabloSport tuners have paid for themselves many times over because of this.

DiabloSport engineers take pride in their work, and take it personally if any product doesn't perform perfectly. All schematics, PCB boards, software and product casings are designed-in house before molds for plastic injection manufacturing are created. Prototypes are built and tested for each vehicle application on dynamometers, on the racetrack, and on the street. Robotic assembly of components on modern automated production lines is monitored closely, then finished products are selected at random and road tested again to ensure zero glitches when you're counting on them the most.

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2004 GMC Sierra
| Posted by | (Bennettsville, SC)

The tuner arrived promptly and in great condition as promised. I was able to use the tracking features to see my order on its way to my home. I could not ask for an easier and simple installation process. I am very happy with the results the product has made to my vehicle, not only does the product perform and enhance my truck, it also is a great addition to the interior of my vehicle.

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