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    Infiniti has been a world-recognized luxury automaker for over two decades with most of the brand's success coming in recent years. Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. created the Infiniti nameplate in 1989 to compete with Acura and Lexus, Honda and Toyota's luxury car divisions. Infiniti models were introduced to the US before Nissan fully exported the division globally. The first Infiniti car to see American shores was the Q45, a full-size sedan with V8 power and an active suspension system. Next up was the M30 Coupe. The M30 was primed to be a direct answer to Lexus's SC. However, it was thought of as too heavy and not powerful enough, which led to sagging sales and eventually, the discontinuation of the model a couple of years later. The Infiniti G20 made its debut in 1991. Thought of as Infiniti's entry-level luxury car, the G20 featured leather interior and multi-port fuel-injection. A year later in 1992, Infiniti introduced the J30, a rear-wheel drive sedan which borrowed parts heavily from several Nissan models, most notably the Cedric, Gloria, and Cima.

    As the '90s progressed, Infiniti began to advertise more aggressively and also expand the roster. 1996 witnessed the arrival of the Infiniti I30, a midsize that used the same engine as the Nissan Maxima. The engine was a 3.0L V6 capable of 190 horsepower. The midsize QX4 made its first appearance for Infiniti in 1997, becoming one of the first luxury SUVs on the road. The QX4 was designed off of a truck platform (same as the Nissan Pathfinder) and boasted better handling on rough terrain and greater ground clearance (8.3") than its competitors. In 1998, Infiniti chose to upgrade the I30 to give it a more upscale profile. The I30 was updated with a Bose audio system as well as side impact airbags in order to elevate its status from being thought of as just an "entry-level" luxury car. In 1999, the G20 was called back to duty with a lot of the same powertrain components as the original version in an attempt to revive the model and provide a spark for disappointing sales.

    Thanks to the arrival of the G35 in 2003, Infiniti's luck began to change. The G35 replaced the G20 and made a fast impression, giving Infiniti the boost it had been looking for. The G35, available as either a 4-door sedan or 2-door coupe, featured a 3.5L V6 and rear or 4-wheel drive. Due to its success, it was subsequently named as Motor Trend's 2003 Car of the Year and has proven to be one of the brand's most popular vehicles. The FX35 also premiered that year. Like the QX4, the FX35 is a luxury crossover SUV. In order to distinguish it further from the growing segment of luxury crossovers, Infiniti coined the FX34/45 as a CUV, or "crossover utility vehicle". Other models, such as the compact crossover EX35 (or 37), M35 (coupe), and QX series have helped catapult Infiniti into the most successful time the company has experienced thus far. Infiniti models are now known for their quality and reliability as much as their comfort and performance. To keep up with the green movement, Infiniti also plans on releasing hybrid versions of the G, M, and FX series of models.

    It is no secret that Infiniti has remained a standard bearer of luxury and class for the better part of two decades. A column that rises atop the steps to performance and elegance, Infiniti automobiles withstand the test of time, more than satisfying both driver and passenger. As with any luxury model, it is all about expectations. What does the driver expect? A refined interior? Tasteful exterior color? Unbridled performance? A car this unique and sophisticated deserves the very best, and only authentic Infiniti Accessories and Parts should ever be your choice when making aftermarket additions.

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     Infiniti M sedan and Infiniti QX56 SUV Recalled for Potential Fuel Leak
    Infiniti M sedan and Infiniti QX56 SUV Recalled for Potential Fuel Leak

    Nissan Motor Co. is recalling about 79,275 Infiniti sedans and SUVs along with Nissan Jukes due to fuel-pressure sensors being improperly tightened in the models' fuel tanks. As stated by NHTSA, the fuel pressure sensors might loosen because of heat and vibration resulting in a fuel leak and therefore the possible fire. The automaker states that the defective M sedans were manufactured from Oct. 5, 2009 to Dec. 16, 2011. As for the QX SUVs, they were built from Oct. 27, 2009 to Dec. 24, 2011.

    Since the first fuel defect was detected on November 3, 2011 when a customer filed a complaint regarding fuel odor coming from the cabin of the car, the investigation of the problem was carried out by Nissan technicians. According to Nissan, the owners of defective vehicles will get fuel pressure sensors replacement for free.

    This is the third recall of the automaker for the past two weeks. Nissan recalled nearly 80,000 vehicles just in a week after the company recalled about 1,000 Altima and Versa sedans for side curtan airbag problems. The other recall was regarding CVT transmission faults on 36,000 Versa sedans on February 10.

    In spite of the fact that Infiniti vehicles are recalled, the luxury brand received solid marks in their classes. While the 2012 Infiniti M ranked 5th in the U.S. News “Best Large Luxury Car” category, the SUV also got the 5th place in class.

    Infiniti Decides to Sponsor Red Bull Racing Team
    Infiniti Decides to Sponsor Red Bull Racing Team

    Infiniti has signed a sponsorship deal with Red Bull Racing team after the team has won championship last season. As soon as the deal was announced, there was a probability of the automaker providing the team with the engines. Taking into consideration that Red Bull race cars carry engines made by Renault (a part of the same corporate alliance as Infiniti) and that automakers which deal with F1 usually either buy their own teams or provide engines to the existing ones, Renault was expected to rebrand its engines. The team's official name would be Red Bull-Infiniti.

    This rebranding is rather predictable, as similar arrangements happened earlier. For example, McLaren once rebranded Porsche engines as TAG. Ferrari engines were rebranded as Petronas by Sauber. As for Cosworth engines, they were earlier branded as Ford.

    It won't happen in case of Infiniti's partnership with Red Bull though, to be exact it won't happen this year. The deal will result in Infiniti's logos grow in size as well as placement on next year's cars, because Infiniti makes the use of this cooperation in new ways.

    Infiniti Will Expand Its Lineup in Next Six Years
    Infiniti Will Expand Its Lineup in Next Six Years

    Infiniti will expand its lineup for the U.S. market by 2016. This is a part of the Midterm Plan, which was revealed on June 27, 2011. Thus Infiniti has a tough schedule for the coming years. As stated in this plan, one of the first products will be Infiniti JX, a three-row seven-seat luxury crossover, which is on the way to the North America. The presentation is expected to be held at the LA Auto Show, as it is the last major automotive event in 2011.

    The other four models are called “all new”. It is said, front-drive hatchback that will be aimed to compete with Audi A3. According to the strategy of the company, the future vehicle's list will also contain an electric sedan, which will use the Nissan Leaf 's platform and technologies The design of the electric Infiniti model will not be shared with Leaf. The engineering team will design a new generation of G line, including coupe, sedan and convertible trim levels. There is still a place for one more model. The Infiniti EX crossover with its low-volume sales requires a replacement. However, it is rumored that the company may prepare a new range-topping Q sedan.

    “By 2016, Nissan will have 66 Nissan and Infiniti vehicles in its global portfolio, covering 92% of segments and markets worldwide. We will consolidate some models and add others, eliminating 13 and adding 15 new models,” stated the executives of Nissan.