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    We constantly strive to perfect our vehicles and to make them suit our needs. All Infiniti vehicles have outstanding quality and design, however, even they have room for improvement. Considering the fact that your Infiniti is already near-perfect performance wise, you have the chance to concentrate on its extra features.

    What is the most common thing people do while driving their vehicle? The answer is simple: they listen to music. Music distracts us and makes the time pass by more quickly, which is especially important on long road trips. Of course you would want to have a high-end sound system in your vehicle in order to enjoy quality music, which means that you have to replace your OEM sound system. Regretfully, the interface of the new sound system is often incompatible with the original dashboard, so in order to install it, you have to purchase an Infiniti stereo dash kit. We at CARiD are proud to present you with a wide selection single and double DIN dash kits. The dash kits are available in many different colors and are very easy to install. All you have to do is remove the old one and snap the new one in its place. There is no reason to delay, so order your new Infiniti stereo dash kit today.

    When installing a new stereo in your dashboard, you'll definitely need to use a dash kit to make the device look as if it was there from the very beginning. Fortunately, CARiD offers an ultimate collection of car stereo setups crafted from OEM-quality ABS plastic to serve you for many years to come. All products that we store are made to custom fit your specific vehicle and so come textured, contoured, and painted to match the factory finish. If it's hard for you to make a choice, you can always check 2 stereo dash kit reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and find the unit that is perfect for you.

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    2006 Infiniti G35
    Posted by

    "Appearance: had like a little gap after installation, didn't look all flush, but it doesn't look that bad. Ease of installation: Kit was super easy to install, plug and play pretty much. Price/Value: worth the money. Worked well with my Pioneer aftermarket entertainment system. Quality: for the money wasn't that bad, but the AC buttons look very cheap for me. Instead of a rotating wheel for the AC Temperature, you have to push it. So that is the only thing that I didn't like. "

    2007 Infiniti G35
    Posted by

    "This Double Din dash kit was easy to install, but I had to cut a little piece from the inside to fit my radio, because the size of the radio was too big. Even though it is made in some sort of plastic material, it doesn't show too much with the aluminum. But it looks pretty nice in my car, and I am happy that they could make something like that, I was frustrated and I wanted to upgrade the factory radio to a touch screen one. "