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    No matter what model or year your Infinity is, you can always find the right custom parts to make it a little more eye-catching, comfortable and powerful. is the right place to look for such parts. We know what your Infinity needs to deliver an unmatched driving experience. Style and comfort are undoubtedly important, but what really matters is performance. And our custom Infinity air intakes are the easiest way to improve it.

    Even if you drive one of the most up-to-date vehicles, it’s very likely that you don’t know what it is really capable for. Custom air intakes are the parts created to unleash the true potential of your ride. Their task is to ensure unrestricted airflow into an engine. There are different types of air intake systems. Short ram air intakes are used to maximize the airflow. Cold air intakes are meant to supply an engine with cool air. Any of these systems will allow you to boost the performance and throttle response of your Infinity. Efficiency in combination with reasonable price and easy installation, make custom air intakes a really popular upgrade. Proceed to your Infinity model and year and find an excellent solution for your beloved ride.

    Let the engine of your vehicle breathe freely with a quality air intake system. To satisfy the requirement of the most discerning enthusiasts, we've carefully handpicked world-class air intake systems manufactured by the top names in the industry. Engineered to optimize the air path between the air filter and the engine, air intakes provide your vehicle with the maximum airflow and you with a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque. Read over 20 air intake system reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the system that is perfect for you.

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    The easiest way to improve airflow to your engine is just by changing your stock air filter to an aftermarket performance air filter. There’s an aftermarket air intake system for every budget and every application. Even if you have a hot rod or custom car, or if your car’s just not listed in a catalog, you can still get a quality system. Everyone, regardless of vehicle, can benefit from an aftermarket air intake system.

    Customer Reviews
    2002 Infiniti G20
    Posted by

    "The intake is great, it made my car a lot faster. The only problem I did have was when installing it, I had to modify a couple of things for it to actually work in the car, but besides that, it's a great product. I would definitely recommend it to someone, and when I get my next car, I'm definitely getting the intake from Weapon-R."

    2006 Infiniti G35
    Posted by

    "I don't know much about cars but I was glad to call in, and customer service helped me get what I was looking for and with a great price. I will be buying more parts for my husband very soon."

    2007 Infiniti FX35
    Posted by

    "Installed on a 2004 Infiniti FX35. Everything worked out but the back air hose on the OEM intake tube points straight back and the one on the Weapon-R faces straight down, which I thought was pretty odd. It took some extra attention and modification to hook up if you wish to use the OEM air hose. You have to modify your own mounting bracket and find a mounting point. Not a big deal, but every other CAI I've put on in the past actually had "detailed" instructions. Overall a nice intake."

    2013 Infiniti G37
    Posted by

    "I just put the Injen intake into my 2010 G37x Infiniti Sedan and it was definitely worth it! I have not done a Dyno to it yet, but I would not be surprised if I gained 15 hp and 10 ft-lb. There is a bit of a lag at the initial throttle as is with most intakes, but once I hit the higher RPMs, these babies kick in, and oh helly! Fast and loud!!! The installation took me about 4 hours, so that was a bit of a pain; and once it went in, I needed to unplug the battery to "reset" my car and clean the sensors. Once I did that, I had to reset my windows, which is a minor 20 second fix. Great product!"

    2006 Infiniti M45
    Posted by

    "Product looks good, price is OK, but the installation was a little difficult because it does line up perfectly like the instructions suggest. The Intake is a little big for the covers to fit back over the Intake flush. "