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    Tractor trailers. Big rigs. School buses. When it comes to transporting goods and cargo, Freightliner is the first and last name that usually comes to mind. Freightliner's history stems back over 70 years. Consolidated Freightways, one of America's most successful trucking companies in the earlier part of the 20th century, began manufacturing their own fleet of trucks and truck parts in order to better traverse the mountainous ranges of the west and decrease costs. Freightliner trucks went into production in 1942 first in Salt Lake City, Utah. World War II put a pause on Freightliner, but once it ended, the plant was moved to Consolidated Freightways' home in Portland, Oregon. An agreement with White Motor Company gave the brand further distribution through a relationship that would span over 25 years.

    The commercialization of Freightliner led to an increase in sales and a decrease in costs for Consolidated Freightways, which was the goal. The distribution agreement with White Motor Company provided a substantial amount of dealers, giving CF the brand recognition it wanted for Freightliner. By 1960, Freightliner Corporation claimed sales of over 1000 units. A new plant in Burnaby, British Columbia was opened in order to curb the fees on vehicles manufactured outside of Canada but sold inside the country. Additional assembly plants in Indianapolis, Indiana and Chino, California were also introduced to supplement the original factory in Portland. However, the 1970s brought on financial troubles for White Motor Company, leading to the agreement with Freightliner being dissolved. German manufacturer Daimler AG purchased Freightliner from Consolidated Freightways in 1980. This was a big step for the company, as Daimler AG was able to invest heavily in Freightliner. This effort led to Freightliner becoming the highest selling heavy-truck and truck parts manufacturer in the US within a decade of Daimler AG's involvement.

    Today, Freightliner offers a roster consisting of business and commercial class trucks designed for heavy transportation of cargo, with the most well-known exception being the Sprinter. The Freightliner Sprinter is a light commercial van that debuted in 2001 and is also available under the Dodge and Mercedes Benz marques. Big-rig models such as the Coronado and Argosy have seen success. The Argosy is a cab-over-engine design lauded for its driver visibility while the Coronado boasts four different engine choices with two configurations set up for 600 horsepower. Freightliner even carries a green vehicle, the Business Class M2e Hybrid. The Business Class M2e Hybrid allows the truck to run on a combination of diesel along with an electric hybrid motor.

    After 70 years, Freightliner has earned the trust of drivers across the landscape. Rock-solid power and a reputation that is well respected, the brand simply dominates heavy-duty transportation. Simply put, Freightliner trucks affect how business is done. Freightliner drivers have to do more than simply make the most of their vehicle. Their model has to be an extension of who they are  it is that important and this is when Freightliner accessories come into play.

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    Freightliner News
    Freightliner Trucks Revealed New Family of Its Work Trucks
    Freightliner Trucks Revealed New Family of Its Work Trucks

    Today Freightliner Trucks has revealed three new models, which will form the next generation of the Severe Duty lineup. The presentation was held at 2011 ConExpo Construction Show. The 108 SD, 114 SD and Coronado SD models are designed to be a perfect mix of toughness and efficiency. Currently the smart products and services are of a great demand in the automotive industry. The trucks' manufacturer hopes that these new models will expand the company's presence in the vocational market.

    The 108 Severe Duty truck comes with a 42-inch set-back axle configuration. The 108 SD will feature a front axle weight of 20,000 pounds and 46,000 pounds for single and tandem rear axles. The customers will be offered to choose between the Cummins ISB and ISC engines. Also a standard Detroit Diesel DD13 will be available for this type of trucks. Thus the upcoming vehicle will be capable to produce up to 350 hp and 520 to 1,000 lb/ft of torque.

    The 114 SD model is equipped with the 450 hp DD13 engine, which works in conjunction with the BlueTec Selective Catalytic Reduction technology. This latest innovation helps to reduce fuel consumption as well as to decrease emissions. The system benefits to both business and environment. The Cummins ISL and ISC power units will be offered as an option.

    Freightliner Trucks also plans to reveal a natural gas technology for its 114 SD model. The North American market will likely see the first results already in May. The production is scheduled for December, 2011.

    Freightliner Introduces Its Innovation Truck Concept
    Freightliner Introduces Its Innovation Truck Concept

    Daimler Trucks North America set a new standard in commercial-grade hauling with the presentation of its latest Innovation Truck concept at the 2009 Mid-America Trucking Show in Kentucky.

    The unveiled truck concept spotlights a series of aerodynamic and fuel-saving innovations. The aero tweaks include rear wheel fairings, a roof deflector, under-body panels and a front air splitter. In addition, the side mirrors were replaced with cameras to reduce drag. When it comes to fuel savings, the Innovation Truck’s diesel powerplant is fitted with Daimler’s new BlueTec emissions after-treatment system, which significantly reduces nitrogen oxide discharge. Among the other cutting-edge features are the RunSmart Predictive Cruise control, which helps determine the most fuel efficient vehicle speed, and the ParkSmart VHAC technology, which provides emission-free cooling and highly efficient heating without engine idling.

    "We've created the new Innovation Truck to highlight not only our existing technologies, but to show our customers what they can expect from us in the near future," said Elmar Boeckenhoff, senior vice president, Engineering and Technology for Daimler Trucks North America. "The Innovation Truck is part of our ongoing effort to shape future transportation by pushing the boundaries in engineering and technology."