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Since being founded in 1942, Freightliner Inc has grown into the largest manufacturer of trucks in the North America. It has gained its popularity mainly thanks to its class 8 diesel trucks. Whenever you picture in your mind a huge eighteen wheeler, the image of Freightliner usually comes to mind. It's no wonder why. These trucks have been roaming highways of the United States for the past 70 years. A Freightliner was also used in the famous Coca-Cola commercial as a Coca-Cola Christmas Truck. These trucks are built to handle practically anything they might encounter on their path. However, there are some things, which can damage even these giants. The sun is one of those things.

Harmful UV rays are merciless and will gradually destroy most modern materials. The plastic of the Freightliner's dash board is no exception. The only way that you can protect your dash board is to use the Freightliner dash covers found at CARiD. These custom covers will safeguard the dash board from practically anything. You may choose among various colors and a range of different materials. Whether you wish your dash board cover to be strong and indestructible or stylish and exquisite, you will be able to find everything that you're looking for in our online catalogs.

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