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Unlike most vans, the Freightliner Sprinter is specifically built for the commercial purposes. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a commercial vehicle, produced by Daimler AG in Germany as a chassis cab, minibus, and van. The van is re-assembled for the United States market at Daimler AG CKD assembly plant, located in South Carolina. The Sprinter is produced as a class 2 van, adorned with Freightliner badge and available under the Dodge and Mercedes Benz brand marks.

In the United States, the North American version of the Sprinter came into production in 2001. Since 2003, the Sprinter models could be purchased under the Freightliner or Dodge brands. The first generation (2001-2006) of the models range included W901, W902, W903, W904, and W905. The Sprinter came as a full-size van, passenger van, conversion van, and cargo van, as well as a minibus and chassis cab. This generation was available in the United States only with the 154 hp 2.7-liter straight 5-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, produced by Mercedes-Benz. A 5-speed automatic transmission came in the list of standard Freightliner Sprinter parts. A new chassis cab model was added for 2004 model year. The Electronic Stability Program and 16-inch aluminum wheels were offered for the 2005 model year. As for such Sprinter accessories as heated windshield and velour upholstery, they came as an option.

In North America, the Sprinter was sold as a cargo van. Unlike delivery trucks, cargo vans take smaller loads and after unloading can wait in the downtown for the dispatch operators to give the next order. The Sprinter van has 13-1/2 feet cargo space that allows for loading three 48 x 48 inch skids or pallets. The Sprinter hauls approximately 3,000 lb. The vans were sold in Arctic White color, although few special colors were available as well. In 2001-2006 the Sprinter cargo vans and their parts were produced in Dusseldorf Germany, then they were partially disassembled and shipped to the United States to be reassembled. The reason for that was the fact that cargo vans, classified as light trucks, were subject to the 25% chicken tax when imported as a complete unit.

The Freightliner Sprinter has taken hold of the cargo-truck market, literally delivering the goods throughout every chunk of geography you can imagine. Compared to most in its class, the Sprinter is like a secret weapon. Aerodynamic sensibilities, improved cargo space, and punchy performance all make this model more than just a "box on wheels." Commercial trucks cannot just merely survive. They have to always find a way to come out on top-their drivers depend on it. The Freightliner Sprinter provides the piece of mind that has become ever more vital.

Freightliner Sprinter Accessories and Parts are at in the highest quality on the planet. That's because we stock our inventory with nothing less than the finest options available, including wood dash kits, floor mats, wheels, grille guards, and more. All of our Freightliner Sprinter accessories and parts come from the world's most respected manufacturers at a value that makes it easy. After all, we want you to be able to get your hands on the upgrades you want without having to empty your wallet. In other words, when it comes to Freightliner Sprinter accessories, we make it easy!

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Whatever you expect from your Freightliner Sprinter, a bold look, mind-boggling performance, greater ride comfort, or safer driving, CARiD goes the extra mile to meet all your needs. Our extensive range of premium accessories and parts covers all the bases, whether you want your vehicle to be more powerful, smarter, fun to drive, or just need to restore it to original condition. We know how to throw a classy appeal into your Freightliner Sprinter and keep it providing the best performance, so trust us and get the greatest bang for the buck!

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It was so easy to make my purchase using your online site and I was pleasantly surprised by quick quality service. Also your price is the best I could find. I have no complaints. Thank you very much!

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