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We’ve come a long way from the days when all cars used the same basic sealed beams. Modern composite headlights have replaceable bulbs in light fixtures that are incorporated into the design of the body for improved styling and aerodynamics. They allow manufacturers the freedom to include turn signal/parking/running lights in the headlight housing if desired as well as use different forms of lighting including LEDs, projector beams, halos, etc.

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Unfortunately, the plastic lenses on composite headlights deteriorate with the years and miles, becoming abraded from road debris, and discolored, hazy and opaque from the sun and the elements. This drastically reduces light output, which can make driving in the dark dangerous. We’ve all seen the ads for “miracle” products that will restore lenses to like new, but these treatments are not effective in many cases, or the results may not last.

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The best and safest course of action is to replace your yellowed headlights and for that you’ve come to the right place. We can supply you with direct replacements for your factory headlights, but we also offer a huge selection of custom headlights in your choice of styles and lighting options that will bolt right on in place of your factory lamps. The replacement headlights we offer will appear, fit, and function just like the factory units, and meet all legal standards for highway use. The custom lights are designed to be bolt-on replacements, but may require some wiring modifications.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Custom & Factory Headlights the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Spyder, Spec-D, Replace, Recon, TYC, Anzo, Hella, Eagle, CG, IPCW, Winjet, Omix-Ada, Sherman, Lumen, Dorman, Auto 7, Goodmark the Custom & Factory Headlights we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Projector headlights produce a sharper, more focused beam of light with less scatter loss. The bulb is positioned in front of an elliptical-shaped reflector. Where a parabolic reflector reflects light outward in a dispersed pattern, the elliptical reflector reflects the light toward a single focal point in front of the bulb. LED lights are the most advanced form of lighting. Their compact size makes it easy to arrange them in distinctive patterns. They’re extremely durable, with an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours. The light they produce is much brighter and cleaner, much more attractive than incandescent light.

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Halo lights, also called “angel eyes”, are light rings that surround the headlights, for a distinctive look popularized by European luxury models. Halos can be illuminated by LED bulbs or use CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting) lighting. CCFL Halos are filled with gas, like a neon sign, and display the same kind of glow. They’re four times as bright as conventional Halo lights. The Halos style will get your vehicle noticed, but the increased visibility will also mean safer driving for you. Many custom lights are also available with your choice of clear or smoked lenses.

In addition to a comprehensive collection of headlights, CARiD hosts a huge number of other automotive lighting products for any car, truck, and SUV found worldwide. 3rd brake lights, DRLs, tail lights, truck bed lights - all products are crafted by the most respected manufacturers so that you can enjoy both the quality and looks. Also, showcases every housing option and finish out there, including Smoke, Black, and Clear - the hottest choices at the most reasonable prices. Whatever product you select, it's sure to add to your vehicle's exterior and contribute to its functionality and style.

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If the headlight assemblies on your car or truck have become damaged, weather-worn, or simply dull and uninteresting to look at, there’s a wealth of aftermarket replacement choices that will add a great deal of visual wow and stance to the front of your vehicle – at a lower cost than you might think. Aftermarket headlamp assemblies on the market today tend to...
Halo Ring ComparisonHalo Ring Comparison
Ever since BMW introduced "halo" headlights to serve as daytime running lights on their 2001 5-series, rings of light encircling round headlamp bulb openings have caught on around the world as THE dramatic way to add visual Wow and stance to a vehicle's front profile. While composite headlamp assemblies became mainstream in the 1980s, it wasn't until the turn of...
When you decide to install LED bulbs into you car, you need to know the right size and select the desired color. Next thing to know is that most vehicles use a Thermal Flasher unit to control their Turn Signals. Most Thermal Flasher units are generally not compatible with LED lights without a resistor installed with them. Why you Ask?
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Great product sturdy and very Nice. Easy installation.

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