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A good friend invited you out for coffee last Thursday night. When you got there, there was a group of people standing outside with customized vehicles that resembled those you see in movies. One of the main things you noticed were their custom headlights; they were unlike anything you’ve ever seen before with rings around the bulbs. Well, my friend, they’re called halo headlights and we’ve got an incredible selection of them at CARiD!

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Headlights are an incredibly important component in any vehicle, especially if you ever intend to drive at night or on a dark and stormy day. If you have to have them anyway, why not make them look cool by installing something like halo headlights? A set of angel or demon eyes is sure to bring a custom explosion to your vehicle, and you’ll be the envy of everyone you know (and even people you don’t) in no time flat by producing nighttime magic for everyone to see!

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Halo Headlights the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Spyder, Spec-D, Anzo, IPCW, CG, Recon, Winjet the Halo Headlights we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Halo headlights come in a few different varieties such as angel and demon eyes. They can present as a ring that resembles a halo around your headlight, hence the name. The “halo” is generally circling a projector light so your vision isn’t compromised at night. Halo headlights are fast and easy to install in your vehicle because they simply fit into the place where your current factory headlights are now, so you can easily put them in without having to touch any internal wiring. If you’re really concerned about not being able to do the job properly yourself, you can take your vehicle to a professional to have them installed.

Although your new halo headlights should just plug in and work, there are always problems that can arise from installing anything yourself. Nine times out of ten, the problem is one of two things; either the connection is a little off so the lights aren’t working or a fuse has blown during the process. Once the problem has been diagnosed, it can be easily fixed by either reconnecting the halo headlights or getting a new fuse. If you find you’re getting moisture in the housing component, you should have it sealed as soon as possible to avoid damaging your new halo headlights.

You can tell if your headlights are starting to malfunction because they’ll either stop working completely or the light they produce will be significantly less than that they have off when you purchased your lights brand new. Because of their design, halo headlights aren’t near as bright as factory style headlights and if you do a lot of nighttime driving on unlit roads, this type of headlight system might not be for you. But if you do a lot of city or highway driving at night, this unique type of lighting system will look amazing on your vehicle.

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2002 Ford Excursion
| Posted by | (Brooklyn, NY)

This product is great,looks great, changes the whole look of my truck installation, was easy and directions were perfect.

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