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Since their first use on cars in the 1980s, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have steadily replaced incandescent bulbs for almost all automotive lighting. It won’t be long before the incandescent bulb is a part of automotive history, like breaker points and hand crank starting. LEDs have many advantages over conventional bulbs for automotive use, including long life, resistance to vibration, cool operation, energy efficiency, and faster rise time.

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Showing 1-15 of 222 Products
    Showing 1-15 of 222 Products

    Lumen believes in LED technology; it’s the only light they make. They offer a huge selection of LED bulbs for almost every part of your vehicle, including tail lights, dash lights, and interior lights. If you’re an off-roader, light up the night with Lumen’s wide range of off-road lighting, including driving lights and light bars in your choice of size and power. And you’re sure to get looks with the Nite Rider LED Scanner Bar and PlaZma LED Halo Rings.

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    Their long lifespan makes Lumen LED bulbs the economical choice to replace failed incandescent bulbs because they’ll be the last bulbs you’ll ever have to buy. LED bulbs light up 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent bulbs, making them a smart choice for stop lamps, as they’ll give drivers behind more time to react if you make a sudden stop. Practicality aside, you can customize your interior with Lumen LEDs because they’re available in a range of colors.

    When you’re adventuring off-road over rough terrain, you need lights that can take the abuse. The vibration resistance of LEDs makes them a natural for this environment, but with Lumen you get corrosion resistant construction, and water tight and dust-proof casings. They have an ingress protection rating of 67, the highest possible score for resistance to intrusion by airborne dust, and they’ll remain watertight when submerged in water up to 1 meter deep.

    • OEM High Beam
    • LUMEN® - LED Light Bar
    • LUMEN® - Interior Replacement LED Bulbs, Installed
    • LUMEN® - Interior Replacement LED Bulbs, Installed
    • LUMEN® - Amber Replacement LED Bulb, Lighted
    • LUMEN® - Blue Replacement LED Bulb, Lighted
    • LUMEN® - Red Replacement LED Bulb, Lighted
    • LUMEN® - White Replacement LED Bulb, Lighted
    • LUMEN® - Amber PlaZma LED Bulb, Lighted
    • LUMEN® - Blue PlaZma LED Bulb, Lighted
    • LUMEN® - Red PlaZma LED Bulb, Lighted
    • LUMEN® - White PlaZma LED Bulb, Lighted

    Lumen’s broad range of off-road lights gives you multiple mounting options, from small fog lights to 50” double row light bars. The number of LEDs per light and total watt output varies according to light, and available beam patterns include driving lights and fog lights. Lumen Quad Row lights come with two light beam patterns, with 2 rows of pencil beam LEDs for distance illumination, and 2 rows of flood LEDs for illumination to the sides of the vehicle.

    Halo lights were popularized by European luxury cars, and they’re featured on many custom aftermarket lights. But thanks to Lumen, you don’t have to buy expensive light assemblies to get them. With a few hours of work, PlaZma LED Halo Rings can be installed on any car, truck, or SUV. And the Nite Rider Multicolor LED Scanner Bar has 20 pre-programmed light settings that can be displayed in 7 colors, for a visual impact unmatched by any other accessory.

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    2007 Toyota Tundra
    | Posted by | (Windsor, VT)

    Once I had them installed they looked great! Unfortunately less than a week in one burnt out. I sent customer service pictures and and an email explaining, they immediately sent me a new one! Both are working well now. Will update the review in a couple of months.

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