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Protect your vehicle in style with Coverking. Whether it’s shielding your car’s finish from hazards and the elements, safeguarding your original upholstery from dirt and spills, or preventing your dash from cracking and warping, Coverking has the covers that will keep your ride looking showroom new. Each one is custom designed for the application and available in a wide selection of fabrics and colors, for perfect fit, appearance, and protection.

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    • Coverking® CR-Grade Neoprene Custom Seat Covers
      (86 reviews)
      CR-Grade Neoprene Custom Seat Covers by Coverking®. Having an inner Neoprene layer enveloped by a layer of knit polyester and a layer of Tricot, these Seat Covers are efficient and soft. When it comes to protection - moisture and...
      # 652
    • Coverking® Silverguard Plus™ Custom Car Cover
      (3 reviews)
      Silverguard Plus™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Suitable for both, indoor and outdoor use, this cosy cover can be used under most weather conditions, unless it's extreme rain, snow or ice. Being resistant to sun rays, water and...
      $189.39from $151.51 - $350.89
      # 871
    • Coverking® Molded Carpet Custom Dash Cover
      (71 reviews)
      Molded Carpet Custom Dash Cover by Coverking®. A thermo-formed carpet is molded to precise dashboard's shape. Dust, heat and UV rays are not an issue for your dashboard with Custom Molded Carpet Dashboard Cover. Various material...
      # 884
    • Coverking® Satin Stretch™ Custom Car Cover
      (12 reviews)
      Satin Stretch™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Recommended for interior use only, this luxurious cover fits every curve of your vehicle like its second skin. Fully breathable, it saves your ride from mold, mildew and moisture...
      $229.26from $183.41 - $510.39
      # 872
    • Coverking® Licensed Collegiate Custom Seat Covers
      (0 reviews)
      Licensed Collegiate Custom Seat Covers by Coverking®. Coverking's officially licensed custom seat covers for the ultimate fan transform your vehicle's interior. Protect your seats and personalize your car, truck, or SUVs interior...
      # 8285
    • Coverking® Mossy Oak™ Velour Custom Dash Cover
      (5 reviews)
      Mossy Oak™ Velour Custom Dash Cover by Coverking®. Velour Custom Dash Covers now comes with three unique designs from one of the most trusted name in camouflage. Now you can customize your dash with the unique one of the kind...
      # 8602
    • Coverking® Designer Velour Custom Rear Deck Cover
      (1 reviews)
      Designer Velour Custom Rear Deck Cover by Coverking®. Designed to cover the rear deck area, Rear Deck Cover protects it from losses caused by UV rays and moisture and/or hides the existing damages. You can now safely leave your...
      # 878
    • Coverking® A-TACS™ Tactical Camo Custom Seat Covers
      (0 reviews)
      A-TACS™ Tactical Camo Custom Seat Covers by Coverking®. With A-TACS Camo Tactical Seat Covers, you'll enjoy the benefits of a military-style MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system allowing you to always have...
      # 8361
    • Coverking® Stormproof™ Custom Car Cover
      (24 reviews)
      Stormproof™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. The highest possible density of fabric microfiber results in natural water-resistance and UVR-resistance without any protective coatings needed, that could increase the risk of the...
      $239.24from $191.39 - $534.31
      # 870
    • Coverking® Realtree™ Camo Custom Seat Covers
      (3 reviews)
      Realtree™ Camo Custom Seat Covers by Coverking®. For the hunting enthusiasts, Coverking’s Seat Covers now feature the unparalleled depth, look and contrast of the Real Tree Camo. Real Tree designs feature natural foliage...
      $199.36from $159.49 - $223.29
      # 8291
    • Coverking® Triguard™ Custom Car Cover
      (11 reviews)
      Triguard™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Recommended for use under light weather conditions. It shows outstanding performance outdoors, protecting your car against water, sun and weather. The material Triguard™ Car Cover...
      $99.68from $79.74 - $207.34
      # 881
    • Coverking® Designer Velour Custom Dash Cover
      (37 reviews)
      Designer Velour Custom Dash Cover by Coverking®. Designed for confident owners, this Dash Cover will attract a lot of attention due to its effective print. Keeping dashboard safe from sun damages, this item will hide the existing...
      # 874
    • Coverking® Custom Sunshields
      (106 reviews)
      Custom Sunshield by Coverking®. Custom fit to the size of your windshield, this car sunshield delivers 99.8% protection from the harmful UV-rays and the sun heat. Hassle-free installation and removal, easy storage with included...
      # 2198
    • Coverking® Seat Protector for Pets
      (0 reviews)
      Universal Seat Protector for Pets by Coverking®. Seat Protector is a durable barrier for protecting your seats' upholstery from your cargo and your pet's claws and fur. Seat Protectors are produced from ballistic polyester which is...
      # 371346
    • Coverking® Collegiate Seat Vest
      (0 reviews)
      Universal Collegiate Seat Vest by Coverking®. Universal seat vest is built as one piece. You simply slip it over the headrest, then drape the cover over your seat and position as you'd like. Transform the look of your interior, but...
      Each seat vest is sold individuallySupport your favorite team while you protect your seats
      # 55182082

    Coverking offers car covers for every purpose from lightweight indoor covers to protect your car from dust, nicks, and scratches to durable water resistant outdoor covers to guard against rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions. Each cover is designed using 3D scanners that record every curve and feature of your vehicle model’s body to create a custom cover that fits your car or truck like a glove, including custom mirror and antenna pockets.

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    Each car cover fabric is designed by Coverking and extensively tested to ensure it meets strict standards for breathability, UV resistance, and durability. Coverking uses as few seams as possible in the manufacture of their car covers. This is a more costly technique, but you the customer benefit from a cover that has less chance of leakage or failure, and better fit with more of a custom made appearance than multi-piece, patchwork covers.

    Seat covers can preserve original upholstery in good condition or give your interior an appearance upgrade if your seats are worn and torn. Coverking features a wide range of fabrics including Neoprene, polycotton, and polyester, in a huge selection of styles and colors, including camouflage and licensed collegiate emblems. For a luxurious look and feel, choose from velour, suede, economical leatherette, or genuine top-grade leather.

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    • Coverking® - Neoprene Seat Covers
    • Coverking® - Custom Rear Deck Cover

    Coverking scans the seats in every seating configuration for each model vehicle using 3D imaging equipment. Each design is then extensively refined to ensure a perfect glove-like fit. Provisions for features like headrests and side impact airbags are included. Coverking uses only high quality buckles, zippers, and larger pull-through flaps to facilitate installation and ensure secure fit. All covers are designed to be easily installed in less than ½ hour.

    Besides cracking and warping from intense heat, many dashboards can reflect sun glare, causing a dangerous driving condition. A Coverking dash cover will protect your dash and make driving safer. Available in custom tailored polycarpet, velour, and designer prints velour, or in special thermo-formed molded carpet, each dash cover is custom designed for the application, with provisions for dash sensors, cup holders, airbag openings, and other dash features.

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    2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser | Posted by Ralph | (Oxford, AL)

    Help's to keep value up of your car investment. The buyer as smiles because the dash looks like new, no cracks!

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