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    Volvo created a buzz when it burst on the scene by being a car that was both luxurious and durable, a rare combination given that those are not normally two words often hushed in the same sentence. Usually, when something is elegant, it is often delicate. But Volvo made it work, and pretty soon, the company took on North America. Since then, the brand may have changed, but their standards haven't, and if you want proof, just ask somebody who drives one. The right Volvo accessories from CARiD will help ensure that your model continues to thrive, and with only the highest quality known to man. The selection, the value-all here because we know how to help the driver who wants to dress up their ride with the most exciting Volvo parts, regardless of series or model. That's just how we work.

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    Volvo Confirms V60 Plug-In Hybrid Launch
    Volvo Confirms V60 Plug-In Hybrid Launch

    Volvo announced that the upcoming V60 Plug-In Hybrid will hit the US showrooms in 2012. While the rest of the world will get a diesel-electric version, the US customers will have a gasoline-electric version only.

    The Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid is the result of an industrial partnership between Volvo and Vattenfall, a Swedish energy supplier. When the project was launched in 2007, its aim was to create the market's first diesel-electric plug-in hybrid. Eventually, the partners achieved the goal. The front wheels of the diesel V60 are driven by a five-cylinder 2.4-l turbo diesel engine producing 215 hp, as for the rear axle, it gets a 70 hp electric motor. Volvo says that it'll take about five hours to fully charge the car's battery from a standard electricity outlet. The pricing for the vehicle is still to be announced.

    Unfortunately, in the USA the car will be offered with a gasoline engine instead of the turbocharged. Some say that considering that a turbo diesel is a more efficient version and that biodiesel would be a valid alternative, it would make sense to buy the turbo diesel V60 in Europe and have it shipped to the US.

    Volvo C70 to Debut at the LA Auto Show
    Volvo C70 to Debut at the LA Auto Show

    Being not as successful in sales as its German rivals, the Volvo C70 won't be produced for too long. With joint venture planned to be shut down, the world doesn't know a word on a potential new production site.

    The automaker isn't going to bring anything to the LA Auto Show next week, but Volvo did unveil the C70 Inscription edition which will debut at the show. The special-edition C70 received such special features, as polished black 18-inch wheels, an upgraded interior, painted grille, and LED daytime running lights. The interior got Sovereign Hide upholstery in Off Black or Calcite, a leather-covered dashboard, and aluminun accents. As for the exterior, the C70 is offered in three colors: Black Sapphire, Black Stone, and Ice White. The model comes equipped with either a turbocharged five engine, or a pair of diesels.

    Recognized as a true icon in its model range, the C70 is designed for those who prefer convertibles and coupes. Doug Speck, Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at the Volvo Car Corporation stated that the unveiled model is a beautifully detailed version with a lot of kerb. With production starting this month, Volvo plans to sell 2,000 units. The model will be discontinued in 2013 though.

    Volvo Drops V8s Wagons from 2012 Lineup
    Volvo Drops V8s Wagons from 2012 Lineup

    For the 2012 model year lineup Volvo has planned several major changes. After discontinuation of S40 and V50 and cutting of the V70 models earlier this year, this move is a great change for the Volvo Corporation that builds its name on the safe and sturdy wagons.

    In 2012 model year V8 engines for XC90 and S80 models will be no more offered. Instead of this, there will be available a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine, that will be installed on all larger models. Overall, most Volvo models get more standard features and new trim levels, but will maintain similar prices to last year’s models.