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    Known as a raised-suspension version of Volvo's V70 wagon, the XC70 premiered in 2007. Volvo XC70, just like its brother V70, shared the basic design with Volvo S80 sedan. The new wagon arrived with restyled front-end parts and improved interior. Powered by 208-hp turbocharged 5-cylinder engine (which was replaced by 235-hp 3.2-liter inline 6-cylinder engine in 2008), the XC70 remained the all-wheel drive vehicle during all years of production. Volvo's Four-C suspension, adjustable for ride and hanlding, was available as an optional feature. Volvo XC70 got an antiskid system as a standard feature though.

    More powerful Volvo XC70 appeared in 2008 with a longer wheelbase (about two inches longer) and being four inches longer overall. It carried a 208-hp turbocharged 5-cylinder engine and had 5-speed automatic transmission. New option for this model was the dual-screen DVD entertainment media center. The noteworthy feature was dual integrated rear child seats. The XC70 also boasted navigation system and rear obstacle detection. As for safety features, the wagon was equipped with traction control, ABS, front side airbags, and curtain side aitbags. The 2008 model year was notable for availability of Volvo's sophisticated Blind Spot Information System on Volvo XC70. In 2009 the model line expanded with the T6, which was powered by the 281-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine. The transmission was 6-speed automatic. The safety features stayed the same plus hill-descent control system was added. Other available options were the adaptive cruise control and a heartbeat sensor that detects the intruder if he's hiding in the car. Concerning the interior, the vehicle got an up-level audio system and satellite radio.

    The significant change is made to Volvo XC70 in 2011 when it is available as a front-wheel drive vehicle. This variant is equipped with 240-hp 3.2-liter inline 6-cylinder engine (presenting an increase of 5 hp over the previous model). As for top-line version, it features a 300-hp turbocharged 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine with the increase of 19 hp over the previous model. The transmission stays the same though. So do the safety features, listing standard antiskid system, ABS, traction control, front-side airbags, and curtain-side airbags. Dual integrated rear child seats become optional on the XC70 3.2, but come as a standard feature for the T6 model.

    This sleekly styled SUV is always the center of attention and something tells us you like it that way! The Volvo XC70 demonstrates peppy performance, smooth handling, and a deceptively large amount of cargo space, elevating it above most of its competitors. Ever since the dawn of the crossover age, there has been a need for one model to carry the torch and the Volvo XC70 is as good of a candidate as any.

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    Volvo Updates the XC70 for the 2012 Model Year
    Volvo Updates the XC70 for the 2012 Model Year

    October 2011 is the time when the 2012 Volvo XC70 is scheduled to hit the showrooms. Even though its design is not revised, the wagon does get a bunch of new features.

    The most interesting upgrade is the Volvo's Sensus infotainment system, which now will come standard for the XC70. All information will be displayed on a 5- or 7-inch color screen that is located in the upper part of the center console. The screen is positioned so that the driver can easily keep eyes on the road. The functions are controlled using buttons integrated into the steering wheel or touch-buttons located below the screen. The Volvo XC70 will also feature a Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake. The system uses a camera and radar to monitor pedestrians in front of the vehicle, and automatically brakes the wagon to avoid any collision. Another new feature is the Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist that can down to standstill. The collision warning system may be programmed to help maintain a safety margin to the vehicles that are moving in the same direction. And to avoid low-speed rear-end collisions, the 2012 Volvo XC70 will come with a standard City Safety. In case the driver is driving too fast in the direction of a stationary object, the system first warns the driver and then automatically brakes.

    The exterior upgrade is not that conspicuous to be noticed at the first glance. Though when you look closer, you'll notice that for the 2012 model year the XC70 got redesigned headlights, new exterior colors, LED turn indicators in the side mirrors, new wheel design, and new interior trim colors.