About Volvo V40

    The Volvo V40, a compact 5-door station wagon was released in 1995. The V40 was intended to be named F40, but Ferrari quickly objected it due to earlier reservation of this name. Volvo V40 was the very first model of the British designer and Volvo’s Design Director, Peter Horbury. It represented a new era of style and design for Volvo cars offering a premium, lifestyle alternative without compromise on safety and the environment with reliable auto parts as well. With new exterior design, the car had the Drag coefficient of 0.32. Known as the “Most Beautiful Estate Car in the World” (gaining this status at an Italian award ceremony), this model shares the same platform with the Mitsubishi Carisma.

    Powered by standard 1,9T, which produces 160 PS of power at 5100 rpm, the station wagon was available with 5-speed automatic transmission. A chassis upgrade in 2000 improved the ride without changing the quality of the handling. The heavily revised Phase II model was introduced in 2000 with a longer wheelbase (100,3 inches) and the overall length of 176 inches. The new model featured the enhanced dynamics and redesigned fascia that echoed the design of the Volvo V70. The 2003 model was upgraded with such car parts, as a three-spoke steering wheel, new instrumental cluster, and a black egg-crate grille. The roomier interior features the inertia reel belts in the boot. The V40 is equipped with electric windows and mirrors, air conditioning, front fog lights, and a CD player with six speakers. Another useful feature is Volvo’s reversing sensor system, which activates automatically when reverse gear is engaged.

    The station wagon is based on the same platform as the Volvo S40 sedan, which was the first car to earn four stars in Euro-NCAP. Its safety package has been refreshing throughout its life from further research at the Volvo Safety Centre. Front and rear passengers are protected by the SIPS (Side Impact Protection System) which includes side and Inflatable Curtain (IC) airbags. The WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System) reduces the risk of back and neck damages in a rear impact. All passengers are supplied with three-point safety belts with tensioners and there are ISOFIX fittings for child seats in the rear seat of the car. Taking care of the environment, Volvo features “clean inside and out” program. Equipped with air filter which blocks the access of pollen, dust and exhaust particles to the interior, the V40 features Electronic Climate Control with carbon filter that purifies the incoming air. Its interior textiles and leather trim meet Öko-Tex standards, while being allergen-free. As for security features, Volvo V40 is fitted with sophisticated alarm and immobilizer system, deadlocks, a visible VIN number in the front windscreen (which acts as a deterrent to thieves), and Home Safe Lighting system.

    In its wagon form the Volvo V40 represents a snappy mixture of compact performance and economical reliability. The V40 bleeds all of the Volvo engineering prowess as well as any other model on the roster, but it showcases some fashionable differences which define its departure. It boasts a soothing but dynamic exterior shaping, allowing it a few more curves that provide a nice sleek essence. Some have decked out their V40s with minimally invasive goodies like grilles or chrome trim, while others shoot for HID bulbs and spoilers to give it a knockout presence-your choice. But when the accessories and parts are picked right, the V40 brings more drama and style than ever before.

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