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    Sociedad EspaAola de AutomCviles de Turismo, or SEAT, is a Spanish automobile manufacturer that offers a fleet of economical vehicles known for delivering both efficient performance and solid dependability. SEAT got started in 1950 by the Instituto Nacional de Industria. Originally, SEAT produced Fiat automobiles and auto parts, having rebadged them for their own brand. Early examples of SEAT vehicles being derived from Fiat models are the 600, 800, 850, the Panda, and the 1200 Sport. SEAT is now owned by Volkswagen with its main headquarters located in Martorell, Spain.

    The '50s saw the arrival of Fiat-based offerings such as the 600, 800, and the 1400. SEAT continued to build off of Fiat platforms come the next decade but by this time began showing more differences in the presentation between the two automakers. For instance, the SEAT Marbella, which is based on the Fiat Panda, displayed a different front and rear exterior design thanks in part to unique tail lights. By the late 1960s, SEAT became Spain's largest automaker with Fiat holding an increasing amount of shares. However, come the early '80s, the relationship between Fiat and SEAT was dissolved. The brand got to work with the Ibiza in 1983, a compact sedan that would become a steady success throughout the decade. The four-door Malaga helped stabilize the lineup during the '80s, as well.

    Come the dawn of the 1990s, SEAT began to fill out its lineup even more with models such as the compact Toledo and the smoothly styled Cordoba, which was made available as a sedan, coupe, and wagon (although later on it would only be featured as a sedan). Taking over for the Marbella was the SEAT Arosa in 1997, which was based off of the Volkswagen A00 platform which also produced the Volkswagen Lupo. The Leon made its first appearance for the 1998 model year with the second generation premiering in 2005 (Mk2). Another attention-grabbing model for SEAT has been the Altea, a compact crossover SUV available in six different trim levels.

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    Seat Will Launch Four New Models in 2012
    Seat Will Launch Four New Models in 2012

    Seat, Volkswagen Group subsidiary in Spain, plans to introduce four new models in 2012, including the new Leon hatchback, a redesigned Ibiza, a four-door sedan and a totally new entry-level model. The automaker’s motivation is fueled by encouraging sales figures, which are expected to rise by 10 percent this year.

    "We want to increase our 340,000 unit sales from last year – by 8 to 10 percent – thanks to existing models. We aim to sell 45,000 units of the Ibiza ST (station wagon) this year. And the Alhambra already is well above plan so we expect a full-year volume of 20,000 units. This proves that our brand is gaining strength," James Muir, Seat’s Chief Executive, told Autonews Europe.

    While the new entry-level model is likely to be Seat’s version of the Volkswagen Up! city car, there’s still room for speculations when it comes to the four-door sedan. Automotive observers expect this to be either a new Toledo, based on the upcoming Leon, or a return of the Seat Cordoba. There are also predictions that Seat may offer a facelift of the older Audi A4-based Exeo.

    In order to sustain and improve the expected sales results, Seat will also hire more people. “Before the end of the year, we will hire 300 to 800 new employees,” Muir said. The company’s ambitions doesn’t stop there: by 2018 Seat plans to sell 800,000 units a year and reach a 15 percent return on investment.