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Paint fades and peels for a number of reasons. Tree sap, UV rays, freezing temperatures, and road salt – all those things can easily ruin delicate finish. And if you don't take care of parking lot dings, they will start to rust in no time and result in serious damage. Well, whether you want to repaint the body or need to touch up a small scratch, has everything you need to get the job done.

Automotive Paint

The era of Japanese varnish has ended long time ago, and today, there are more types of car paint than you can imagine. You are now free to choose from numerous products – primers, single-stage paints, basecoats, midcoats, and clearcoats. With such a variety of options, it's easy to make the wrong choice. We are here to help you. So first, strip down all the paint, sand glossy or rusted surfaces, and repair all dents. Now you can apply the primer.

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Primers are also known as surfacers, sealers, or adhesion promoters. However, if you're looking for specific qualities, you must know the difference between those products. The goal of the anti-corrosive primer is to shield the substrate against degradation caused by rust. There are surely several types available. The 2K epoxy primer is good for refinishing of bare metal, self-etching primer can be used in auto collision repair as it dries really fast, and enamel primers are good if you need something affordable.

Automotive Paint

After you've applied the primer, allowed it to cure, and sanded it, you are ready to paint the body. The painting techniques vary depending on the area size and original finish. It's enough to use the touch-up paint if the area is small, yet anything larger will require spray-painting. Now, decide on the paint type. The single stage or direct gloss topcoat require no clear coat. The acrylic lacquer is the fastest to dry and the most affordable option, while the urethane single stagers are the most durable and can make fantastic finishes.

If you are ready to spend more time to achieve a better result, the two-stage system is the right choice as the effect will last much longer. This process requires basecoating and clearcoating, and sometimes there is also a midcoat involved. The urethane basecoat is the most popular option today. It's extremely durable and requires the use of small amount of catalyst. If you want to create a truly color, you should also apply midcoat. Last but not least, apply the clearcoat. It resist the outside influences and carries the biggest part in the technological performance.

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High Temp Caliper Paint
2013 Dodge Ram
| Posted by | (Mccormick, SC)

The caliper paint arrived promptly and applied as hoped... Great look!

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