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    Romanian automaker Dacia offers a crisp lineup of vehicles known for their reliability as well as efficiency. A subsidiary of Renault, Dacia got its start in 1966 and for the first few years, concentrated mainly on working off of previous Renault models (i.e., the Renault 8 was known as the Dacia 1100). A limited edition 1100S was also introduced featuring an upgraded engine and twin headlamps. However, the 1100S was used mainly by racecar drivers and law enforcement. 1969 saw the arrival of the Dacia 1300. Based off of the Renault 12, the 1300 was offered as either a four-door sedan or a five-door wagon with an inline four-cylinder engine. Soon after, additional trims followed, including the 1300L and 1301 Lux Super. In 1972, other variants of the model premiered. The 1300 Break, 1300F (a wagon with no rear seats for transporting extra cargo), and the 1300S (an ambulance version of the vehicle) filled out the series. Dacia introduced a light pickup truck version of the model, the 1302, in 1973. The truck began production for the 1975 model year.

    With the dawn of the 1980s came the Dacia 2000 (Renault 20), an executive car. The Dacia 2000 was used primarily for high ranking government officials and only made available in blue or black. The Dacia 1310 also became offered in Romania while coinciding with its 1979 revision. Updates included quad lamps, new bumpers, and an improved interior. Referred to as the Dacia Denem in the UK, this version of the 1310 showcased alloy wheels, power windows, and a five-speed gearbox. Dacia developed the 1304 Pick-up and 1305 Drop-side in 1981 but a year later discontinued the 1302 Pick-up. In 1987, the brand debuted the 1320, a hatchback version of the 1310 that despite its top-of-the-line place on the roster, would go on to be used mainly by cab companies.

    Throughout the '90s, Dacia kept afloat with various models such as the 1325, a hatchback version of the 1310. The company also rolled out the Nova, a compact hatchback with front-wheel drive. In 1999, Renault bought out Dacia, giving way to the SupeRNova in 2000, which was essentially an updated Nova with a Renault drivetrain. A few years later, the Solenza was introduced as a revamped SupeRNova. Dacia got another lift in 2004 with the debut of the Logan. The Logan was designed to be reliable and affordable. Fittingly, it is considered the highest selling model in Dacia's native Romania, however, the model is also marketed in other countries including Colombia, Russia, Morocco, India, and South Africa. Given the Logan's success, Dacia has produced other vehicles based off of it, including the Logan Steppe (wagon) as well as a van and pickup. In 2007, the Sandero rolled off the line as another follow-up to the Logan with similar engine options and a shorter wheelbase.

    Dacia has shown what it takes to make an impression. From the inspired Logan and the popular Solenza, all the way to the Logan Steppe, Dacia's flagship models have provided an intense presence that is unforgettable. Due to a high level of flexibility within most models, finding the best fitting Dacia Accessories and Parts can be quite a rewarding experience. CARiD offers the right Dacia Accessories and parts that you need to put your own version over the top. With only the finest quality items at the prices you need, we're here to help make it happen.

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    Dacia Bringing Electric Pickup to U.S. Market
    Dacia Bringing Electric Pickup to U.S. Market

    Most Americans are not familiar with the Dacia brand, and Dacia, which is now a subsidiary of Renault, is determined to change the situation. Known for building low-cost vehicles for emerging markets, Dacia is bringing to the U.S. an electric version of its Logan pickup.

    The two-seat truck will be assembled in Romania and distributed in the United States by the former Chrysler dealer Des Moines Motors, based in Iowa. Claimed to have an electric motor designed in the U.S., the pickup is capable of 260 miles on a single charge and can carry 2,000 lbs of cargo.

    The U.S.-spec Dacia Logan electric pickup will be badged as an Electric Motor Car (EMC) and will be priced at $33,950, which is about three times the cost of a regular Logan. According to Gene Gabus, owner of Des Moines Motors, a van and a station wagon will eventually join the pickup model to complete the line-up.

    Gene Gabus plans to distribute the electric truck in 28 states. The Dacias are currently avaialable for test-drives and pre-orders, but customer deliveries are expected to start in three months.