About Bugatti

    The quintessence of luxury, exclusivity, style, and power, Bugatti is known for creating legendary vehicles that combine art and technology. The unique character of Bugatti automobiles is embodied in the brand logo embellishing each vehicle since 1909: the oval framed with 60 pearls, the initials of the founder Ettore Bugatti, and the elegant Bugatti script. The brand's history traces back to that classic automotive era of the interwar years, and the early image of Bugatti was greatly inspired by motor racing. Ettore Bugatti, an Italian legend and automobile pioneer, one of the ancestors of modern automobile engineering, built his first 3-liter, 4-cylinder automobile in 1900, and that vehicle won the Grand Prix of Milan and the “incentive prize” by the French Automobile Club. His talent was noticed by Baron De Dietrich, an owner of the automobile manufacturing plant who offered young Ettore the post of technical director. Working for De Dietrich, Bugatti designed new automobile models and entered numerous races.

    Ettore Bugatti established his own legendary automobile manufacturing plant in 1909 in Molsheim. The Bugatti Type 13, a 4-cylinder vehicle capable of about 20 horsepower, became the company's first success. In the first magazine article about the company, the Bugatti vehicle was named the ‘Poney’ of automobiles due to the high speed it managed to gain while having low weight and small scale measurement. Ettore Bugatti’s passion for speed and racing was put into his lightweight sports cars that won him numerous victories (sometimes with the company founder himself at the wheel). At legendary hill climbs, these cars left behind automobiles with much larger engines. A dozen of the first Bugatti models were not equipped with compressors (superchargers) as Ettore considered them too bulky for his elegant vehicles. After the compressor technology was implemented in Bugatti race cars production in 1926, they scored triumph after triumph.

    Recognized not only for indisputably powerful performance, but also exceptional beauty, light weight, and elegance, Bugatti race cars could also drive on the streets, which increased the popularity of the brand. Originally known for the light sports cars, Bugatti created its 'calling cards' – immaculately designed car bodies, even more exclusive and elegant than before – when Ettore's son, Jean Bugatti, joined the company full of fresh design and engineering ideas. It was Jean who created an outstanding design for the legendary Type 41 “Royale” and who took over the company management in 1936. On the racetrack, Jean concentrated on long distances, and at the 1937 and 1939 Le Mans 24-hour race, the victorious Bugatti cars broke speed records and set new records for average speed. But a tragic accident during the Bugatti Type 57 C Tank test drive in 1939 claimed Jean's life and became a fateful turning point in the brand history. World War II, Ettore’s death in 1947, and closedown of the Bugatti plant in 1956 temporarily paused a rich Bugatti history. The brand was revived in 1998, when Volkswagen acquired the Bugatti brand and gave a new life to the legend of the automotive world.

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